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Optik TV turning on by itself

At some occasions, my Optik TV box will turn on by itself like in the middle of the night. Anybody else experiencing something similar?

Resolved! Mayweather vs McGregor NOT available on Satellite TV

Optik TV not available in my area, and I am in a suburb of Vancouver, so I have Satellite. Telus has chosen NOT to make it available on PPV for Satellite subscribers Either give me Optik or give me ALL PPV events

MWM by Just Moved In
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Ordered a pack/channel from my tv and it is not showing up hours later?

I ordered a pack from the " manage my channels" feature. It said to wait 15 minutes. Well it has been 3 hours and I have reset my optik box twice and still nothing.I tried to order it again and it says I have an order in process and to wait 15 mins a...

MandyMac by Neighbour
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DAZN app to replace NFL Sunday Ticket

Since the NFL has sold exclusive rights to NFL Sunday Ticket in Canada to Perform Group (UK) and Perform Group is now offering NFL Sunday ticket via it's DAZN app for the 2017 season, when will Telus be offering the DAZN app on Optik and/or Pik TV?

gwotz by Connector
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Resolved! Getting the optik box to route to Xbox for sound

I'm using the optik box to use my Harmon Kardon speakers as my tv can't hook up directly. Is there a way to use an optical cable to connect the Xbox one to the sounds system using the optik box?

Resolved! tv freezes every few minutes

Live in Vancouver and have had this problem for a while but it's worse -even tho Telus came out at one point and thought they fixed it. any ideas?

twizzle49 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Missing Game of Thrones episodes???

I am using Optik on the Go to catch up on Game of Thrones episodes and I am up to Season 6 however after episode 3 there is episode 6 then 7 then 9. Where are episodes 4,5,8, and 10???

Ape by Just Moved In
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Looks like Telus is adding NASA HD to the line up. Showing TEST at the moment on channel 7100

abc123 by Connector
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Resolved! CBC News Network

Just read on my cable bill that CBC News Network will no longer be available in Essentials. Moving to News North America Theme Pack in September. I thought this was a mandatory channel?

abc123 by Connector
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