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Resolved! Anyone else having recent trouble with the Optik App?

It isn't loading the listings beyond an hour or two. Searches don't work and last time I tried, it wouldn't allow me to set a recording. It had worked beautifully for me in the past.

pbsme by Ambassador
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Telus OptikTV Wireless often doesn't connect

Hi, I have been putting up with my Optik TV in the living room of my apartment not working as I usually am watching Netflix or something else. But I realized I am paying for it and still on contract so it should work. My main box is in my bedroom (PV...

Turn off Wireless but Keep OptikTV Wireless

I have the T3200M and my own router and separate wireless AP. I want to turn off wireless on the T3200M but keep wireless service from the T3200M to the two IPV5050 boxes that Telus supplied. However when I turn off T3200M wireless it also cuts out w...

jrueger by Ambassador
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Resolved! Free TV broken

I received my free TV; unfortunately , it tipped over and the screen is smashed. Would it be posdible to get a replacement, or have it fixed?

Resolved! New remote - Mute Button not working, but everything else does!

Hi there! Got my new slimline remote, it is all synced and works great - except for the "Mute" button.I've tried resetting back to factory settings and going through all the steps again, but still Mute is inactive. The red TV light (on the remote) fl...

ilosar by Neighbour
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Resolved! Netflix through Telus Optik TV Menu

When I access Netflix through the optik tv menu, I get an error message after watching one episode of pretty much any show saying that the app in unavailable.... what is going on? It's a constant battle of Netflix kicking me out. I only have one tv/T...

Resolved! Free TV

HelloDoes anyone know when the free TV gift is usually delivered? Will I get a tracking number?I tried calling the customer service and they were not very helpful. they said I will receive a tracking number by end of last week and I have not received...

Sume by Neighbour
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