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Resolved! Add a channel

Can I add a single channel online? How?

Tim83 by Just Moved In
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Running Optik tv through xbox one

Hey, so i bought and xbox one close to a year ago. And I hooked up my tv through my xbox. I didn't have any problems for the first 6 ish months. But since then, I've had to swap out 3 HDMI cords. The tv will work for a couple weeks, and then it gets ...

laurenj26 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Optik TV Slimline 2 Remote Control (or any other remote)

I cannot locate anywhere a job aid/manual/etc showing all the buttons with their functions indicated for the remote? Why is there nothing (here is a link to Shaw Bluesky Remote info - which is extremely helpful and complete: https://community.shaw.ca...

keflimama by Friendly Neighbour
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Optik Tv app

Is anyone else experiencing problems with the optik tv app? I keep getting an error message with a reference number at the bottom to contact my administrator. I have tried deleting the app, reloading it, resetting my account but nothing works.

JP668 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! TV freezing

My TV keeps freezing then going black before the show eventually resumes. Been happening on every channel and have tried restarting the box. Can anyone help?

Ryan4 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! optik tv tablet app and telus home internet - bandwidth used or no?

I realize my Optik TV boxes aren't using my Telus internet bandwidth - but what about when a tablet/phone Optik App streams tv shows? Does it function the same as the remote TV box, or is it burning through data the same as my amazon prime app or you...

ejc by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Weird behaviour on Telus TV - pausing, unable to pause TV

Just moved to the 150 plan and have had some odd behaviour. Was watching TV and got this buffering message - first time ever. Still getting some pausing that they said would go away but not as bad. Kind of thought the faster speed would fix it. Now w...

New Telus PVR box

Just received a new PVR box and when I go to a stingray channel I can no longer see the artist titles when I could with the PVR box I had 6 months ago. Is there a display setting somewhere that I am missing ?

Dave4545 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Watch On Demand?

I can't seem to be able to watch a show from my On Demand menu. I'd like to watch Game of Thrones but for some reason, I don't have the option to "play". Just "add to wish list" or to continue browsing. Am I doing this wrong? Or is there no way to ac...

CPickles by Just Moved In
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