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Optik PVR stops audio signal when fast forwarding or rewinding

If I'm watching a recorded program on our PVR and fast forwarding or rewinding, I will often (like maybe one time out of every 7 or 8 times) have the audio signal cut out. I check my AV Receiver and it says the signal from the Telus box is 'Unknown',...

ChukG by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Optik randomly mutes the volume

This has now happened twice in the past couple days (wireless 4K box). Watching tv and it just randomly mutes.Flip to numerous channels - mutedTry a recorded show - mutedTurn tv off then back on - still muted.Seems only solution is to unplug the opti...

sammysjeep by Helpful Neighbour
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Block TV-MA programs

I would request the ability to block tv shows that are TV-MA, which currently is not available with the Telus Optik TV interface. PG, PG-13, 18A & unrated shows can be blocked... But not TV-MA

stunned by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Arris 4K Box Rebooting

Just now, I was watching You Tube on the channel that advertises watching 4K videos on You Tube and my first two selections stopped playing for only a few minutes (for 40+ minutes material). Then the ARRIS BOX started rebooting. Anyone else have this...

Minky by Ambassador
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Dates of threads

Here in the Optik tv section, when I scroll down I'm seeing 8 threads that go back about a week, then everything is from 2013...then 2014. I did find a recent thread down in all the 2014 threads. Do I have to re-set something? What am I missing here?...

Janann by Advisor
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Telus 4K Box Support

I have a home entertainment setup that is capable of playing Dolby Atmos content. After many hours with Telus technical support I have learned the Telus 4K box only supports Dolby Digital 5.1. I will be renting all my movies through the Apple 4K TV w...

AudioGuy by Just Moved In
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Optik tv App

Can not get into the App. Worked fine beforeError lp1008

scotzie by Just Moved In
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Cant Link Telus Home Assistant to Google Home

Hi, I have been trying to troubleshoot linking my Telus account to my google account so i can use voice command to change channels on my TV. I get to the part where I enter my email and password to my telus account, then it tries to link, then i get ...

Optik TV channels deleted and not replaced or compensated

As someone else here posted: In the past year, we have seen the Optik Channel count go down, while our fees have increased.It has been some time since TELUS announced any major changes to it programming. New channels use to arrive on a regular basis ...

Someone by Just Moved In
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