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TELUS TV Feature Updates - Ongoing

Dear Neighbours, We’re experimenting with different formats to assure you we’re listening and working on improvements to the TELUS TV platforms. We have frequent releases designed to tackle the platform's immediate and long-term stability, and we’ll ...

Optik-Kate by TELUS Team Member
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Resolved! Optik TV Bulletin Board: Discover, Discuss, and Develop

Dear Neighbours, We’re the TV Product Development team, and we strive to bring you a continuously improving TV service and experience that fits your needs. Since the launch of the new Optik TV service through the TELUS TV+ platform, our business and ...

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Optik-Kate by TELUS Team Member
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UIW4001 Set Top Box

When the Telus technician was installing my Optik TV Service he mentioned you can buy a small round device that could sit on top of the TV to replace the UIW4001 wireless set top box. What is this device called, brand, and where can they be purchased...

Gord3 by Neighbour
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Optik tv app not recording

I can select the “record” button, it says it’s recording and shows up in the list but doesn’t actually record on the pvr. No red light.

Jennedy by Neighbour
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4k Optik TV Box no longer connects to T-3200 via NIC

A really strange problem occurred this past week, and I can't seem to figure out why one of my OptikTV boxes just stopped working suddenly. We use two 4k Optik TV boxes connected to a T-3200. One is connected via Coax and one via Ethernet NIC into Po...

OzMosis77 by Friendly Neighbour
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My screen ratio is all wonky

Our TV Optik screen ratio is all messed up. I came home one day and turned on the TV and everything was all zoomed and enlarged. We can’t see the guide or anything on the edges. I looked up what the problem could be and tried all the screen ratio opt...

Jammy by Neighbour
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On demand stopping.....

Heres a beauty.Got Optik a week ago, continually losing signal ( error code on screen). Happens on more than 1 TV at the same time, so eliminates interior wiring. Replaced PVR as it showed error codes + Gateway (modem). Problem still exists. Checked ...

Kalidgh by Advisor
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Resolved! Optik tv browser and android app issues

optik tv browser on google chrome is getting an error msg pop up" browser not supported error no. 4-44-50001".optik tv app for androind is getting an error msg "optik tv app has stopped working' i get into both no problem and have access to the guide...

Byrd by Neighbour
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Oscars 2021 Viewing Party

Hey Everyone! Wanted to quickly touch base and see if anyone else is hyped for the Academy Awards coming up this Sun April 25th! This is probably the first Oscars show that I've been excited to see in a few years to be honest. Finally seeing people i...

A-B by Community Manager
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Optik playback fails in Edge browser

On my Windows 10 desktop, when using the WatchOptik browser page on Edge (the newer Chromium based Edge), I get an endless wait when trying to watch live. I loaded the developer tools page to find error messages and see that the video load is being b...

KB123 by Organizer
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