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Resolved! Optik TV keeps losing signal after approx 1 minute

When trying to watch live TV my Optik TV loses it's signal after approx 1 minute. If I change channels it will work for another minute then the same thing happens. I've had a problem with my Wireless Optik box lately where it loses the signal frequen...

Searching for upcoming sports events.

Just switched from Bell Satellite to Telus when Fiber Potok was installed in my neighborhood. I am a sports nut, especially soccer & basketball (NCAA). On Bell doing a search for upcoming events was a breeze. Oh so easy!Then there is Telus ! I am tot...

Optik TV Setup Question

My living room TV seems to have problems with WiFi. I am fairly confident this is a problem with the TV, not with Telus Internet, as I had similar issues while I was still with Shaw. My goal is to use an ethernet cable directly into the back of the T...

Optik TV App for Apple TV

It is nice that the Optik TV app is available for the ipad/tablets. As someone who did a fair amount of travelling this past year, there are many times I would have preferred to watch the content I subscribe to rather than what is being broadcast by ...

apmcomp by Just Moved In
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NEVER been able to manage channels online

Hi There, I returned to Telus back in August last year. Since then I have never had the ability to manage my channels online. This is what happens every time: If I select 'Add/Remove theme packs' I am directed to this URL: https://order.fibre.telus.c...

Manage Channels - 1.png Manage Channels - 2.png

On screen caller display

Is there any chance of changing the background colour of caller display from black to TELUS green ? By doing this it would make the display pop when incoming calls are displayed on tv's

99miata by Organizer
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My Optik TV account got deleted?

I just went to use the Optik TV app on my iPad, which is how I keep up on shows, etc when I'm away at school. Tonight I went to sign in and it said that my password was invalid, so I hit "forgot password" (even though I know my password) and it then ...

eieio by Just Moved In
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Optik TV latest firmware?

Hi All, I am new to optiktv what is the latest firmware for the optik tv box? Where do I find this information on the box and how do I update the box?Is there advanced settings that I need to enable to see this information? Thank you in advance!

Picture cut out

We have an older (10+) Samsung 55” LED TV with an Optic TV box, straight forward setup, straight form the wall to the box to the TV. Halfway through the hockey game last night the picture cut out, no warning, audio was fine. Tried all the connections...