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Optik TV & Internet service out

I woke up early this morning to find both our internet and TV is down. I called Telus at 9am & because of the long wait time, they were to call me Bach within the hour. No call back & still no internet or TV. Anyone else having an issue? I’m on Abbot...

Tv freezings

Tv and internet keep cutting out

Missing eposides on demand

We just finished season 5 of how to get away with murder On Netflix. We wanted to watch season 6 on demand but it is only showing episodes 5 and up. The 1st 5 eposides are missing. Where are they and how can I watch it?!

Resolved! Telus Optik box restart deleted all my recordings

While using the skip feature to bypass sections of a recording I did not want to watch the playback would play intermittently and freeze. I found out by using the fast forward or rewind instead the playback would play properly. Usually a restart will...

Trending Programs

The Telus home screen now shows a selection of trending programs. Does this mean that Telus is now tracking our TV viewing? If so, it seems like a privacy issue.

DonC by Organizer
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Resolved! Scheduled PVR recordings not happening all of a sudden

In the last 3 days, any PVR recordings I've had scheduled (which have recorded just fine ever since we got Optik well over a year ago) ... now they aren't recording. If I look ahead in the guide, it shows the red dots that show they're scheduled to r...

LoriRuss by Neighbour
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Resolved! PVR not working

I recently just had a Telus tech out to fix my internet, apparently one of the cable was shorting out the modem. The tech had to set up a new network as we weren’t getting a wifi signal. Anyways Tv and internet are now working but now I can’t open my...

Home Assistant set up prompt

I just have the Optik TV installed, but every time I turn the 4K PVR on, a prompt comes up on the screen saying something like "To connect Home Assistant, press OK". Since I do not have Google Home, I just ignore the prompt and go to the Guide right ...

fwu by Just Moved In
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OptikTV and poor wireless strength

I would like to place a TV and the Telus HD wireless receiver upstairs but the T3200M is down in the basement and the wireless signal is quite weak upstairs. What options do I have to increase the wireless signal for the OptikTV? I can't move the T32...

jrueger by Ambassador
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