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Bering Sea Gold Episodes

When will the 2020 season of Bering Sea Gold start to appear? If you Google it, apparently it started back in early May, but nothing has shown up on Discovery Channel.

JohnJohn by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Amazon Prime via Optik TV

I updated my selection of theme packs via Telus.com this morning and noted that I could add Amazon Prime as a theme pack. I'm guessing this is brand new as I can't find any reference to it on Telus.com apart from appearing in the theme pack selection...

ISB7150 supported resolutions?

Hi, recently moved an Optik TV PVR from an old, 1080i television to a new 1080p monitor. When I go to change the Aspect Ratio setting on the PVR, 1080p returns a black screen saying my TV is not capable (which it is), or is improperly connected (whic...

Prezzen by Just Moved In
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I see now that Peachtree is now included in the Superstations pkg which we have yet has not been added to our service????Also your pkgs and bundles have changed so much.. Superstations were always included with the Movie packages and then when we tra...

Box stuck on arris screen

Tried to open Netflix now box went thru a few screens and is stuck on arris screen which says stb problem setected

Optik TV annoyances

Hi Everybody,I’m looking to see if anyone has had some struggles switching from Shaws bluecurve tv. I also wanted to see if you have been able to find some workarounds.I am having a hard time with the following:1. No Netflix integration into search2....

BCCitizen by Just Moved In
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Descriptive video

Does anyone know which channel/s show Murdoch Mysteries without descriptive video. It is turned off on my TV but still plays

Jake1 by Just Moved In
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Radio Stations Not Working

Just signed up for Optik and getting familiar with the channels. I know that Telus includes a bunch of (on-air) radio channels (not Stingray) and was disappointed to find that the majority of these do not work (audio issues). Some have horrible stati...

Video data in upper left corner on Netflix

I am watching Netflix through my telus box and did something on my remote and now I have video data In the upper left corner. Any idea how to get rid of it?

Stax by Just Moved In
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