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Resolved! Tablet plan.

I got a tablet on a plan and was wondering if text and calling is included? it has it's own phone number and there is the message icon which I get texts to on home screen.

Jamom by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Confused about plan rate increases

I have an iPhone 6 on a 2 year contract that is up right away. I'm noticing that my current plan that is about $85/month is now $105/month?! That's a pretty substantial increase. Am I missing something or did the plans increase like crazy?

elmadden by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Unlock codes

I’m trying to network unlock an LG a – 341 to run on the Telus network but it’s asking me for an unlock code does anybody have any unlock codes for this phone thank you

Resolved! free #TELUS wifi

hihave a question about the free telus wifi hotspots. can you only use it for 10 minutes at a time then have to keep registering after the 10 minutes are up or how does it work? thanks.

2 phones 1 number

This is funny you would think that smart business owner would get a clue but dumb is as dumb doesKnowing full well people us there phone home and at work and bothBut both would be better for everyone if it had one number... you would think they would...

Blacc by Just Moved In
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Resolved! US Roam Ready fees?

I am hoping someone can answer a question for me concerning the Telus US Roam Ready plan. I know I can call Telus, but I find I don't always get the same answer from two different customer service reps. On the website under my account, under travel o...

Matt1 by Organizer
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Resolved! sim card on prepaid

You let prepaid phone go to 0 balance. You reactivate the phone 30 or 60 days later. Do you use the sim card you have or buy a new one.

polecat by All-Star
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Resolved! Turning off data - current billing cycle only

Hello,Why is the "Turn off data current billing cycle" no longer offered on the mobile app? Your customers pay a lot in data, and this was a way for us to manage it if one of the devices in the family's plan was using excessive data during the month....

JayM by Just Moved In
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Resolved! I'm stuck with my phone and plan and can't get out

Long time telus subscriber (10 yrs) and have been off contract for a long time. The problem is that my rate plan is quite good; $50/mth 5G data with calling/texting and all the bells and whistles. I currently have an S6 that I bought second hand afte...

SteveR by Just Moved In
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