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"Unlimited data, talk and text in the US" As in no EasyRoam charges??

Just Moved In

Hello Telus Community, 

Tried contacting customer service but looks like they're closed and their chat is glitching. I also tried looking for more in depth plan details but the UI on this site makes it hard to look for any additional details other than what they show you on the landing page. I'm looking at this Black Friday CAN-US plan for $90/mo that features "Unlimited data,talk and text in the US": 


PNG image.png

My question is... Does this mean that if you have this plan, you don't have to pay EasyRoam charges of $11/day? OR does this mean you have unlimited data,talk and text in the US (like how you do in Canada) as long as you pay the $11/day EasyRoam fee? 

Thanks in advance! 


Community Power User
Community Power User

There are no EasyRoam charges applied to this account. It allows you to use cellular services on either side of the border seamlessly, as long as you stay within the terms and conditions.


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