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wifi calling reliability

What is the minimum wifi signal strength to support reliable wifi calling on a Samsung S8? Network Cell info shows about -40 dBm in the same room as my router, but even there I can't connect reliably. For normal wifi usage the signal is adequate thro...

DavidRT by Neighbour
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prepaid problems

i got my phone set up prepaid on a 15$ plan(yeah im cheap lol) a couple months ago, stopped topping up out of laziness, finally topped up the other day but it wont let me call or text anyone. says i dont have a plan or balance when i do have balance....

Telus Student/Loyalty Plans for Home Internet and TV?

My Telus promos are expiring soon in Mid-August and I was wondering if anyone has information on what the current offerings by the Loyalty department are? Last year, I was offered student internet 150 for $45 and TV Essentials with 1 premium theme pa...

$2/ megabyte? Is this a joke? I'm switching to Rogers.

The pay per use rate for a megabyte is $2. For Rogers, the pay per use rate is $0.15 for a megabyte. Telus charges 13.3x more than Rogers for this service. For a multi billion dollar company, you would think that you could at least try to be competat...

Question about an online order

I'm new to Telus and just put an order in online. It went through the credit check but didn't really give me any info on whether I passed, and then it took a payment for the phone.Do they do the credit check later and then cancel the order if I don't...

Resolved! RCS Messaging Samsung Messages

Hey Everyone!I know that several friends with the Samsung Galaxy S10 on Telus have had RCS chat features enabled. I have a BYOD plan and can see RCS, in Google Messages, but it doesn't come up in Samsung Messages as an option. I don't understand why ...

Gras by Friendly Neighbour
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Telus Mobility Service question

At our work we recently signed over to Telus Mobility from Rogers Wireless (I'm sure someone is getting a nice cruise or something out of it) but talk about a cluster**bleep**.I work in IT, and it seems that Telus is having to install Wireless Repeat...

Peace of Mind connect devices?

Hello there,The $90 peace of mind plans are tempting.I have 2 cell phones (one for work apps and email, don't use calling or texting) and a USB data stick.The eligible devices on the Telus website are tablets, watches and Drive+.If I set up the two e...