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Worst Service I've Ever Experienced.

From waiting over 9 hours on the phone over two days, including a 2 hour wait to be redirected to the wrong department, just to wait longer. (probably designed that way, to decrease the amount of support techs they need to pay.) After that customer s...

Pat403 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Call Control for Telus Prepaid

Is Call Control available to Telus Prepaid customers,?Try as I may, it's nowhere to be found in MY Telus, old site.

FrankMtl by Organizer
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Telus and AppleCare

I recently purchased a new iPhone and renewed my contract with Telus. Prior to receipt of my new phone, I received an email stating that my existing AppleCare coverage had been cancelled. I still have yet to be given a date that I can expect to recei...

Resolved! Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830D

Im currently on someone elses family plan thing, with telus, i was wondering it my phone will work with Telus Voice 35, simple text and talk $35 plan.Its kinda old maybe 10 years, i checked the IMEI and it checks out so i would think i could get my o...

Demonguy by Neighbour
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Data plan & overage charges

Hi, please can someone explain to me how it is normal to put my account in overage charges for $13.00 when my bill shows I have used 2933MB out of a 3GB plan?

maxi by Neighbour
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Resolved! Changing from bell to telus

We switched a few hours ago from bell to a new phone through Telus. My husband is still getting his calls and texts on his old phone and not the new one. Will it change eventually or do I need to do something with it?

Resolved! Telus Mobility.mobilite

I have not received a bill from Telus Mobility.mobilite and have no idea how much I owe. I got cut off 3 times because I was "past due". How do I know what I owe if I don't receive a bill? I need the computer to talk to my brother who is deaf and thi...

Web Store Issues

Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone here has had a terrible experience with the Web Store. Back in November I wanted to get the new iPhone. First, I contacted the retail store at the Eaton Centre and they advised me to place an order online, as they wer...