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Home alarm

I'm shopping for a home alarm system.-are certain alarm companies that are not compatible with Telus Optik or the internet service?-what questions should I ask when choosing an alarm company?

xl by CPU Alum
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Online chat, Fiber Optic hopefully!! =)

i just chatted two hours ago to a telus customer support agent and they said by the end of december (within) he said a telus tech will be coming around and installing fiber optic to people that request it though, when the time comes i will be wanting...

cafekief by Ambassador
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Low wired upload speed on 50/10 plan

Hi everyone,I recently upgraded to the 50/10 plan and have only been able to achieve a maximum of 2.25 mbps upload speed on a wired connection (and 40 mbps download, but that's within an acceptable range).I previously had the 25/5 and 15/1 plans, and...

Share fiber optic to 3rd parties?

Any chance we'll see Telus grant fibre optic access to 3rd party companies on the west coast? I saw a ruling from the CRTC that will force the big companies to share access to their fibre lines but it mentions it will likely start with Ontario and Qu...

mrhector by Connector
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Resolved! Fibre optic data cap?

I'm wondering what the plans might be like, uneducated guesses are welcome too I'm currently with Shaw but I'm open to switching. I'm currently with their 160 plan that offers 800gb.

taim by Connector
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IR repeater?

So I recently moved and the house came with a built in home theatre system including the tv which is built into the wall. I hooked up my box behind the tv but the ir signal from the remote doesn't reach the box so I had to move the tv to the side and...

Braedo by Neighbour
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