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PVR - No sound after Fast Forward

I lose sound on PVR after fast forwarding through commercials. I've tried everything I can think of to fix (including replacing HDMI cables) but nothing works. The only way to get the sound back is to turn pvr off/on, or change the source to somethin...

cpm by Neighbour
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So what did I ever do to you Telus?

So what did I ever do to you Telus? Over the past few months, I have had a ridiculous number of Telus problems and spent many many hours on the phone with tech people. I have also waited around for tech support. One phone support event was 6 hours fo...

Liz1 by Just Moved In
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Port blocking... STILL?

So, this is directed at telus more than anything, but its customers should be aware of this...There's been around a thread a month about this going back for a couple years. If you decided to run a web server, mail server, vpn, file storage, cctv syst...

hmakale by Friendly Neighbour
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Billing help

I recently moved and returned my Telus equipment via Canada Post as requested. Now Telus says they did not receive the equipment and have billed me for it. I'm looking for help in getting credit for the returned equipment. I have the Canada Post rece...

Aubrey993 by Just Moved In
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IPv6 Connectivity

My Telus internet will not connect to IPv6. I am connected to a new fiber network but on the connection status page of my modem it only ever says connecting under IPv6 WAN status and never registers a IPv6 WAN address. See below. Is this normal? No a...

KDeweerd by Just Moved In
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Samsung Sound Bar HW-K550, /Slimline 2 Remote code

I have Optik TV 4K and I just got a Samsung Sound Bar HW-K550. What is the amplifier code to make the Slim Remote to work with this soundbar. Code 7305 does not work. It would be nice to use the slimline 2 remote to control it all.

RaullyRAL by Just Moved In
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Resolved! internet in logan lake bc

when will you be putting faster inter speed in Logan lake BC the plan you offer now is horrible internet 6 is so slow it takes hours to download anything and you can barely watch Netflix or YouTube or play with people online and you make us pay a sim...

aryder by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Accessing my Router settings from another location

Is this possible? I have been looking everywhere for an answer. I'm visiting family and, whom also use Telus services, and I need to get into my own router to change some settings. I see my parents router of course. My device only has wifi for Intern...

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