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Resolved! ZTE NAT Type 3???

I have a ZTE 4G LTE Smarthub from Telus and want to play online with a couple buddies on our PS4's but I always get a NAT Type 3 and my NAT Type in game is always "Strict". Am I able to work around it? It's causing me a lot of trouble and I've tried ...

Super slow internet when paying for 25 and 5

Hello everyone... I've recently started working from a home office and when trying to upload files to Google drive, drop box and the icloud I've discovered how remarkably slow my internet connection is. I started tracking it daily at least 3 differen...

Wait time to contact Telus

Why does it take so long to get in touch with a body at Telus. Phone or chat it takes forever. I have been waiting 2 hours for a response on chat! Totally unacceptable, how they (supposedly) get high marks for customer setvice is beyond me.

Lilkat by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Power light flashing

I have a power light issue. The oval around the telus tag is flashing. This happened when I was rewinding a show. The screen went blank and said no signal, then the power light only was flashing. Any suggestions would be great

Resolved! FX On Demand

Is FX available through Optik on demand? I'm subscribed to the FX channels, but cannot find it in the on demand section.

Housey15 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Slimline 2 Remote - Reprogram Buttons

Is it possible to reprogram a button on the Slimline 2 remote for another function? I'd like to have Closed Captions as a single button to press rather than having to go to Options, scroll down, enter, scroll down or up, enter, etc. I never use the A...

JJR by Organizer
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Bundle discount inflation

Now that we have all our holiday profits time to rake in some more long term...happy new year Fun times for those LNR reps

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