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SmartHome Security FAQ's

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since we launched our SmartHome Security board, and so much has changed since. You may have seen me around, but I’d like to formally introduce myself. I’m MelH, and I’ll be your security go-to expert. I wanted to take ...

MelH by TELUS Employee
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Panel wiring

The wiring to the power adapter for our home security panel came undone during a reno. The technician who installed the system used the old security system wiring to hardwire the TELUS panel. There are 2 pins (one + and one -) and 4 wires: red, black...

j037 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Additional pendant for LivingWell Companion Home service

Hello,I am new to the LivingWell Companion home service. I just ordered this service for my father with fall detection pendant. Can I order an additional pendant for my mother in the same address? Or do I need to order a separate base station for the...

andrewho by Neighbour
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Cannot Connect Cameras After Internet Upgrade

We just got an upgraded internet via Cogeco. Reconnecting our cameras to the new router isn't working- I've factory reset the doorbell camera and it keeps failing to verify the connection.

JHopp45 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Fibre to the Home transition

Bell is my landline provider and has just changed the copper analogue line to Fibre to the home connection. The Modem is linked to my Demarcation terminal so the copper service line within the household still support the telephones. HOWEVER my ADT Fo...

Roger0930 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! New Alarm System Not Functional

Last Friday Teleus installed a new alarm system. The installation seemed fine and everything was working well. We went out to dinner and when we returned the alarm panel was black. We had not received any calls about the panel not responding and afte...

Resolved! Telus ADT Door to door - scam?

Yesterday a guy in a yellow Telus vest with a Telus ID came to the door selling ADT home security. He asked a bunch of questions about our current home security. I’m in Ontario and am just looking for confirmation if this was legit or not.

vivint equipment

question about existing equipment from vivint , my contract is finished with vivint ,so my equipment is paid off. If I will use telus secuirity monthly payment will be reduced ( becose I don't need pay for equipment? )

kaczka by Just Moved In
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Extended wifi for security

Can I run the security devices off my own wifi network or does it have to be run off the extended network that Telus installed? I am trying to simplify my devices and networks and would prefer to extend my own if needed for the doorbell or whatever.

Mattik23 by Just Moved In
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