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Unable to go full screen with web browser

Just Moved In

Hi there, we are pretty new to PIK TV so are still getting things figured out.


We are watching PIK TV using a Windows 8.1 computer and either Microsoft Edge or Chrome, but are unable to go full screen.


Pressing the fullscreen button does nothing. We can press f11 to go into web browser full screen mode but then have a vertical scroll bar and the video is choppy. It is the same result using either web browser. How do we fix this? 


Thank you!




Helpful Neighbour

Wow, you're now able to run Edge on Windows 8.1?  Yup, so you can run the new chromium version.  I had be using the non-chromium version on Windows 10 then for the large part of the last 6 months as it surprisingly had less issues for me than Chrome... Ok trying and the [ ] zoom button doesn't work on either browser, but I have no problem with F11... I normally watch it with the top tabs and frequently switch between things on the second monitor.   This is all me me me... you... Hmm...  Errg,  Perhaps avoid browsers all together and run Bluestacks and the Pic/Optic app and let us know if that works any better?

Or how are things on or globaltv or other streaming sites?  With an older computer I would have to ask about wifi speeds or updated video drivers and sufficient memory etc.  I'd actually lower the resolution a bit to 720p (perhaps you have HD) to see if that makes a difference for "choppy" performance or for bars... 1366x768 or about that as that will be as good as the streaming will be doing anyways.  So figure out what you can do then try to determine where the problems start cropping up.