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Missing Episodes Mobile OnDemand

Just Moved In

Hi there,


For several years, OnDemand libraries using the mobile app have been missing episodes that are available using the television/box. For example, current Young and the Restless OnDemand has episode 132 which is available using the television but is not available on the app. Is this just a forever glitch with the app, or do we just have to notify telus to add the episode to the mobile version?


Community Manager
Community Manager

I've alerted our content team to look into this and see why they're missing.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Speedyf16 


When I use the search, on my TELUS TV+ app for iOS, I can see episodes 99 through 137 from season 51(!) available On Demand and episodes 138 and 139 available to Restart (they'll likely be available On Demand in a day or 2).


Could it be a difference in how you're searching for the shows? We don't have On Demand shows from CBS, but we DO for Global, so if you're looking at On Demand > Channels, you won't find CBS, but if you go On Demand > Channels > Global > The Young & The Restless, you should be able to see them.