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CNN Special Recordings Getting Deleted After One Day?


I recorded the CNN Special "Space Shuttle Columbia, Part 4" last week and when I went to watch it, it was gone.

At that time, I thought - OK, maybe it was accidentally deleted.   I looked around for an on-demand copy and it wasn't available at the time.


Two or three days ago, I noticed the limited series was being rebrodcast, so I set up part 4 for recording again.

While I was watching something else at the time, I confirmed the recording was being performed.     Later, I also confirmed the recording was complete and sitting ready for viewing.


Yesterday, I sat down to watch it and again it has disappeared from my recording list.   Also, again it's not available on demand, it doesn't show in any Search results.  It was not manually deleted by anyone.


Why did this occur?  Is there special cases for limited save times for some CNN shows?

Is there any way I can still get this episode?



Community Manager
Community Manager

That's definitely odd. There's no kind of rule set specifically for certain channels, programs, etc. Is this occurring for any other programs? You may need to reach out to our Tech Support team to have them investigate your profile from their end.