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Switching to Prime Video randomly

Friendly Neighbour

I'm not sure what to do about this, but for the last 3 days, Prime Video starts randomly.  We have been watching recorded shows, with no one touching the remote, and Prime Video just starts.  I don't have the app for it, we generally watch it on channel 424 when we want to use it.  Every morning for the last 3 days it is on the opening screen for Prime when I turn the box on.  I put it on 104 every night when I go to bed because I like to watch the news in the morning, but it has been on Prime for the last 3 days.  I have only noticed it while watching recorded stuff or first thing in the morning, but it's just annoying.  Wondering if it's happened to anyone else.


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi Everyone,


I wanted to provide a quick update on the Prime Video issue, especially since the previous workaround may have been buried in the thread.


Progress Update: We've been diligently collaborating with Prime Video, pinpointing the problem with their recent app update. Currently, we're in direct communication with Amazon and are eagerly awaiting their fix release.


Please be aware that TELUS technicians and agents are unable to address this issue directly, and swapping boxes will not resolve this issue.


Temporary Workaround: When encountering the Prime Video pop-up glitch, follow these steps:

  1. Close the Prime Video app on your box.
  2. Open another app like Netflix or YouTube and then close it.
  3. If you have the Prime Video app running on your phone, force close it.
  4. If Prime Video is running on your mobile or tablet devices, unlocking those devices may trigger Prime Video on your box.

This response will be marked as the solution for easy reference.

Thank you for your patience as we work towards a permanent resolution.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

That's definitely a first. Can you try powercycling the set top box to see if that helps? Unplug for 10 seconds, plug it back in just in case something in the memory is triggering this? Similarly if you can reboot you TV through the power settings, it'll help rule it out. 

I have did all that with a tech then they sent me a new PVR box still doing it daily multiple times 

Same here, randomly switches to prime video randomly, 2-3 times per hour.
STB’s have been power cycled.
Need help pleas

Just Moved In

I've had the same this happen on my Telus TV+. device.   I chalked it up to app bugs.   I've it happen 3-4 times in last couple weeks. 

I have this happening on 3 TVs non stop. It is very annoying and interrupts whatever we are watching.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @TheresaK @valeriemufford @GreyHairedDWGuy 


Do you have the Prime App installed on a mobile device by chance? We have gotten a few reports of similar occurences, and in at least one instance, the Prime Video mobile app is running in the background on a phone, and unlocking the phone causes the Prime App on the Set-top box to launch.


Our technical teams are digging into this, but any details that you can share will be helpful; are you watching Live TV (which channel), On Demand (which program), Recordings? What's the model number of the device this is happening on? What time is it happening? Are you doing anything related to Amazon or Prime Video on your phone/computer at the time you notice this occuring?



Friendly Neighbour
Thank you - it happens if we are watching live TV or recordings. Not doing anything on Prime on the phone during this time. It has happened on all 3 TVs in the house. It does not seem to be the app opening from our amazon fire sticks which would require a separate input, it is simply the channel opening up and interrupting the program.
I would have to check to see what Telus boxes I have.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Thanks @TheresaK 


The report that we got was not actively using the Prime mobile app - just unlocking the phone while the app was backgrounded, but either way, it's not the only thing causing this.


Thanks for the quick reply - I'll share more details here when I have them. 

This happens to us too if somebody is watching TV, and someone else opens Prime on a tablet or phone, the TV switches from whatever the person is watching to the prime Channel. It's very frustrating.

Different from me I’ve signed out on optik Amazon app. Still it goes to the log in home at 5 turned tv on did it close to 5 times before 6 I’m just wondering if this is my internet usage is always max usage used by the end of the month ?

Friendly Neighbour
I think telus needs to fix this because we are all paying for service that is constantly being interrupted .

Friendly Neighbour

It happened while we were watching recorded programs.   And also at some point during the time we were sleeping, as I would turn on the tv in the morning and it would be on the opening screen.  It has not happened in the last two weeks though.  We don't have prime apps on our phones, and generally are not on them while watching tv.  The PVR has UIW8001 on the front of it.

Hi @valeriemufford 


Thanks for the details - this will help our technical teams root cause.

Same thing happens to me in Kelowna over the past number

of days

It is happening to me too. Watching recorded shows suddenly it goes to Prime - the last page I watched. Doesn't even make select my profile. It has happened quote often. Very frustrating. Using my phone or not it just happens.

We too have had this issue but for the last 2 weeks or so it has abated

Friendly Neighbour

I haven't had it happen since I posted about it.  So apparently talking about it will stop it from happening! 🙂 It's been 2 weeks or so since it last happened, so hopefully it stops happening for you.  I didn't do anything to my boxes, so I'm hoping it was a glitch..  Good luck.

Thank you!

I spoke too soon.  It's been happening again for the last 4 days,   Just randomly starting while we watch tv, or turning it on in the morning and its on the start page, asking who's watching.  We've never used the app.  We always turn it to channel 424 to use prime.  Is there anyway to remove the app from the box?


This has been happening to me for weeks.  Just happened 3 times in a row.  very annoying.  Something new is when I try to leave the app and go back to TV, it asks me if I want to exit application which it only does during this glitch.