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Apple TV Telus TV+

Just Moved In
The Telus TV+ app for Apple TV is full of glitches, and I’m not sure why there hasn’t been a fix yet.

1. The time is never current (e.g. I just clicked on the app, and it says 1:36 pm, however, the time is currently 4:36 pm.

2. When scrolling through the guide under “today” it jumps around from “today and tomorrow” which is extremely frustrating.

3. The guide doesn’t even align with the current time (e.g. it is showing programming for 08:00 am, but the time is 4:36 pm).

4. Sometimes the app is completely frozen and non responsive.

What is going on? It’s so frustrating that this app has so many issues. I really hope there can be an update soon, because I’m tempted to find a different provider just based on this experience alone.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. That's definitely not the experience we want our customers to have. I'll send you a private message to discuss, thanks.

Can you please post the solution - I have been having the same issues, and new this week now is that the sound doesn't match the show being watched. Every hour or so I have to shut the Telus app down to reboot. EXTREMELY frustrating.

@Tracy29 I recommend rebooting the actual AppleTV box. If you go into your settings there should be a restart button. Please let me know if that helps

Unfortunately that did not work. Every time I go to change the channel I have to reboot the Telus Optik App,

Any fix for this? Telus TV+ is a painful experience on Apple TV device. Channel times jump all over when scrolling through channels

Friendly Neighbour
Why don’t you actually look into the actual problems with your app. There are so many issues all over it from syncing issues to the mess that the guide is.

If I hear “please restart your Apple TV box” as a solution on more time instead of you guys taking some accountability for your trash, I swear I am going to cancel all my Telus service and just fully convert over the Starlink

It is truly laughable how a multibillion dollar tech company can have such a laughable app for such a major product. Truly what is more incredible is their lack of customer support/service regarding this issue is available. Just a copied and pasted response blaming the operating system/platform because you know Telus could never have a faulty application.

Truly laughable and pathetic their tech support behind this app is. Looks like amateur streaming half the time. Just shake my head and curse at the clowns running Telus for the last 8 years.

Our team is aware of the issues with Optik and Apple TV and hopefully they'll have a fix in place soon!


Also, while it may seem productive to copy/paste the same reply on numerous threads for some reason, it unfortunately goes against our Community House Rules so feel free to check them out at your leisure, specifically the sections about being respectful and spamming. 

What a ridiculous non-response !  I have had the same issues for months - ever since the "new" Telus TV+ app replacing the old Telus Pik app on my Apple TV.  Instead of a "private message" just post what, if anything, can resolve the problems.  Or if they cannot be resolved tell people so they can cancel their subscription ! 

Agreed. Such a joke. Instead of resolving the issue they just remind me of how spamming and negative replies can get me booted from this useless message board. Here is an idea, take all the negative comments and fix the dam app.

What a ridiculous non-response !  Just post an answer that fixes the issues (all of which I also experience) - though I doubt that there is a simple answer as I have tried EVERYTHING without success.  Telus should fix their fuxking app to get rid of these issues.  Replacing the Pik TV app with the Telus TV+ app triggered all this - Telus should not have released a new app that is not properly tested and proven !  I want my money back !

Just Moved In
Happens on mine as well. Force closing the app fixes it temporarily but once time elapses (I.e. an hour, the same issue occurs again)

Same as Kraken - to change the channel I have to reboot the Telus Optik app,

Community Manager
Community Manager

If that didn't do the trick, I recommend reaching out directly to our Tech Support team so they can investigate further for you!