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Why do some episodes of on demand titles never show up?

I have been watching the current season of Project Runway on Bravo on demand ( Bravo is one of my pick 5), and it has already once completely left out one episode, but now the last two episodes that used to say upcoming just disappeared and never sho...

janram by Neighbour
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Resolved! Nvidia Shield

Is there any planned Shield support coming soon (next couple of months)?

user12345 by Just Moved In
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Pik TV capabilities and limitations

I have been using a re-purposed Windows 7 Pro computer as our media & streaming server. We have Plex server installed and run the usual streaming services through Chrome. This has some issues, to say the least. We recently subscribed to Telus Fibre 1...

Luddite_2 by Just Moved In
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Pik TV - Not Cool

Tried to watch the Bruins vs Blues last night. Have Internet 750 and Fiber. Video was delayed about 2 seconds from the audio. Didn't want to hear about the play before I saw it so had to mute the audio. The video was a little jumpy too. That experien...

Apple TV Integration

Are there plans to allow users to access subscribed Pik channels from within the Apple TV app? Optik TV enables users to access subscribed channels through the broadcaster’s website. Pik TV does not appear to allow similar access. This limits integra...

Piknewbie by Just Moved In
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Change Channel Selections

When I go to change my channel selections it comes up at the bottom about the price of my order. I'm just wanting to change the channel selections that I have (which I'm supposed to be able to do monthly). Also I am on some kind of promo right now so...

Tyguy34 by Just Moved In
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PIK TV constantly freezing up and spinning

So I can login and access my PIK TV fine on my web browser (Chrome), but shows will constantly freeze up or grey out with the spinning circle in the middle. It rarely comes back, so I have to refresh and find the show again and start all over. It's m...

Tyguy34 by Just Moved In
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PikTV VOD On,y showing as Upcoming

This happened to me when I tried to watch something the other day, but I can’t remember which movie it was, and today I saw that Men with Brooms has been available VOD for awhile and will be until 2020, so I went to my app, found the VOD listing (it ...

Ability to have YouTube under the Apps button from remote?

Same question one user asked https://forum.telus.com/t5/Pik-TV/Youtube-app-will-not-show-under-downloaded-apps/m-p/86497/highlight/true#M2000 Does anyone know how? Only Netflix shows from the Pik Tv remote "Apps" button and haven't been able to pin i...