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New update for Pik TV!

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

We're excited to share that we just released a new update for Pik TV today! 


This new update will resolve some common issues and continues to improve on our app's stability.  To install this new update please go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your devices.  For step by step instructions please see our article on


Ever since this update half the channels in my guide say no information, and when I hit the guide button it opens the guide but opens it at a completely different channel. Is there any way to roll back my version to the previous one, since this new one just created new problems on my pik tv box.

I have the same problem as well. The strange thing is , my iPad app works fine after the update. Rebooting has no effect. 

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

What is the "AD" button to the right of "CC" short for on my Android phone.  The only thing it does is toggle it white vs green text.

Just checked the app on my android phone and it seems to work fine, just having issues with the guide on the box.

@Scoots @Kab our apologies. I’m seeing it too and it is likely related to our system update. Unfortunately you can’t revert your media box app back to the previous version but we do not think this issue is related to the Play Store update, just bad timing. We’ve opened a bug on this and it’s currently being investigated. Thank you for your feedback and continued support of Pik TV.

@xl AD is descriptive video so if you have it on (icon is green) and the show you’re watching has descriptive video you will hear it. Things like man enters the room.

Thanks for the tip on AD.... I do use it for movies as I somehow miss out on the details.


AD is kinda pointless watching the nightly news when I did the test.

Hey yes this helps i also get no information on the guide and little glitches i dont use the app just tv

Helpful Neighbour

Since the last update I am also having the same issue with "No Information" showing for several of the channels on my channel guide.


Ditto. The last update has been a mess. The Guide is all out of whack and my microphone no longer works. Seldom will the Guide inform me of what is currently playing. I see NO improvements over the previous version and I thought the previous version worked 1M times better than this. It is very frustrating when updates are thrust upon customers w/o proper testing.

@melissajbugs or backend problems?

@someone_9e9 @tporter2u @AfterMath @WestCoasterBC our apologizes for the guide issue we are working on it as a high priority (unfortunately it's bad timing this bug is not tied to our update).


@AfterMath For the guide when you say out of whack do you mean it's not opening to the correct channel?  And lastly for the voice button it's no longer working for you from the Android TV home screen?

Hi Melissa, When I am watching YouTube and depress either the Guide or Pik TV buttons, the TV will return to the last channel that I was watching (good), but the Guide highlights the very last channel in the entire Guide menu (bad). Also, when I attempt to use the microphone while watching YouTube, the microphone icon blinks for a second and then I get an error message telling me to check my microphone. A relatively useless message, all things considered. It worked fine before the update. One last thing... When I press the home/house button, and all of the various menus appear, the Pik TV icon continues to say it is 'updating'. The more I think about it the more issues tend to arise. Sigh.

@AfterMath thank you for details on your guide issue, I'll pass your feedback onto the team to investigate.  As for YouTube that I'm not sure since our update was only to the Pik TV app not YouTube.  I tried voice on my box in the YouTube app and it's working fine.  Did you try rebooting the box?  And lastly the "updating" message on the Pik TV app from the Android TV home screen.  Do you have a moment to check the Play Store?  Under My Apps in the Play Store do you see an update for Pik TV or does it say it's already updated?

I did a restart and a couple of things got fixed. The Guide continues to highlight a channel that I am current NOT on when I depress the Guide button on my remote. The Guide doesn't seem to remember where it last stopped.

The guide not remembering what channel it's actually on is really a pain. Also, still having the info problem. The guide is a disaster right now. Any chance of a timeline on when the issues will be fixed?

They don’t give a rats ass about it. They could just roll us back and be done with it and then thoroughly test the next update before posting it. 

I definitely agree with @Kab. Didn't someone in the Telus organization actually do some 'user-testing' before launching an error-filled update? I cannot say it is much of an update, if the functionality has been degraded. If there is to ever be another 'functioning' update, the user should have the ability to deselect from the regular assortment of channels in the guide, if they are of no use to him/her. i.e., I'd like to have the option to deselect channels like OMNI, CPAC, etc. from my guide and hence, personalize the guide so I don't have to scroll/jump through channel that do not interest me.

@AfterMath @Kab @Scoots @someone_9e9 @WestCoasterBC


Good news!  We pushed an update to resolve the "no information available" bug in the guide this morning.  Your box will automatically update within 24 hours or you can reboot your box to force the update now.


@someone_9e9 gotcha, let me pass along your suggestion to the team.


@AfterMath thanks for your suggestion on deselecting channels I'll pass it along to the team.

Community Power User
Community Power User

@melissaji i seen it pushed this morning.

@WestCoasterBC glad it worked!