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Harmony Hub and Pik TV

Friendly Neighbour

This isn't a question, I just thought I would share my experience with the Harmony Hub. There is a helpful thread in here from 2017 which shows how to use the Arcadyan DVR for older Harmony remotes, based on IR signals. This works fine with the Harmony Hub, but you can go further if you connect the Harmony Hub to the Pik TV using Bluetooth, in which case you can add some interesting controls. I actually use both, as the Power Toggle is only available from IR.


Quick how to:

From MyHarmony Phone or Desktop App add a Device with manufacturer "arcadyan" and model number "hmb2213pw22ts" which should resolve to Arcadyan DVR. If this is all you need, just add that to your activities as usual.

If you want Bluetooth,  add a Windows Computer. Once the device is added create an activity using it, go to the activity, Harmony will ask you to start pairing. From your Pik TV remote, go to the home screen, down to the Settings Icon and select it, scroll down the settings to Add Accessory, Harmony Keyboard should be discovered, then Pair to it. Again, use that activity or add the device to any activity you want.


With the Keyboard, there are now some fun buttons to add to any activity as on screen or physical buttons. Following are some of the ones you might want to use:

Media Center = Home button

Right Click = Pik TV button

Escape = Back/Exit button

Alt-Tab = Switch between running Apps

Windows = Google Voice Search

F3 = Pik Search

F8 = Toggle Mute and Blank Screen


Other than that, most of the regular buttons like Guide, Info, Play, Rewind, etc, work as expected. I hope someone finds this useful!



Thanks for sharing this information. I don't have Pik TV but I do have 2 harmony hubs. It never occured to me to connect it as a Bluetooth keyboard to anything. How did you come by the key mapping, by trial and error or was there a reference somewhere?