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Closed caption problems with TVA channel 2006


There is a problem with the closed captions on the TVA channel 2006. The characters with the grave accent or circumflex accent are systematically doubled. For example (sorry about the language):



Community Power User
Community Power User

If it's not showing up like that on any other french channel, TVA may be having some issues broadcast side. Were the captions appearing correctly previously?

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Correct, other French channels don’t have this issue. Can anyone compare on optik TV? I wonder if TVA may be using a text format not fully supported by the Pik TV system.

Community Power User
Community Power User

There are a bunch of Closed Captioning options on Optik, in both Digital and Standard formats. Without some idea of which of the 5+ options in use, it is difficult to offer comment.


Digital CC option 1 on Optik does not show the artifacts you describe in the few minutes I viewed the channel.


Have you checked if there is the ability to change the CC options on the PikTV device?

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Note: I just saw the same issue on channel 2001 (ici Radio-Canada Télé), but only during certain ads (not during the main program).