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Parental Controls

In an effort to curb my child's screen time I set up parental controls on the TV connected to the PVR box. I get the padlock when using that TV only. For the other set top boxes and TV's they are wide open and there are no controls. I don't even get ...

BBYC by TELUS Employee
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Optik PVR stops audio signal when fast forwarding or rewinding

If I'm watching a recorded program on our PVR and fast forwarding or rewinding, I will often (like maybe one time out of every 7 or 8 times) have the audio signal cut out. I check my AV Receiver and it says the signal from the Telus box is 'Unknown',...

ChukG by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Optik randomly mutes the volume

This has now happened twice in the past couple days (wireless 4K box). Watching tv and it just randomly mutes.Flip to numerous channels - mutedTry a recorded show - mutedTurn tv off then back on - still muted.Seems only solution is to unplug the opti...

Block TV-MA programs

I would request the ability to block tv shows that are TV-MA, which currently is not available with the Telus Optik TV interface. PG, PG-13, 18A & unrated shows can be blocked... But not TV-MA

stunned by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Arris 4K Box Rebooting

Just now, I was watching You Tube on the channel that advertises watching 4K videos on You Tube and my first two selections stopped playing for only a few minutes (for 40+ minutes material). Then the ARRIS BOX started rebooting. Anyone else have this...

Minky by Ambassador
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Dates of threads

Here in the Optik tv section, when I scroll down I'm seeing 8 threads that go back about a week, then everything is from 2013...then 2014. I did find a recent thread down in all the 2014 threads. Do I have to re-set something? What am I missing here?...

Janann by Advisor
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Telus 4K Box Support

I have a home entertainment setup that is capable of playing Dolby Atmos content. After many hours with Telus technical support I have learned the Telus 4K box only supports Dolby Digital 5.1. I will be renting all my movies through the Apple 4K TV w...

AudioGuy by Just Moved In
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Optik tv App

Can not get into the App. Worked fine beforeError lp1008

scotzie by Just Moved In
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Cant Link Telus Home Assistant to Google Home

Hi, I have been trying to troubleshoot linking my Telus account to my google account so i can use voice command to change channels on my TV. I get to the part where I enter my email and password to my telus account, then it tries to link, then i get ...