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Resolved! PVR not working

I recently just had a Telus tech out to fix my internet, apparently one of the cable was shorting out the modem. The tech had to set up a new network as we weren’t getting a wifi signal. Anyways Tv and internet are now working but now I can’t open my...

Home Assistant set up prompt

I just have the Optik TV installed, but every time I turn the 4K PVR on, a prompt comes up on the screen saying something like "To connect Home Assistant, press OK". Since I do not have Google Home, I just ignore the prompt and go to the Guide right ...

fwu by Just Moved In
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OptikTV and poor wireless strength

I would like to place a TV and the Telus HD wireless receiver upstairs but the T3200M is down in the basement and the wireless signal is quite weak upstairs. What options do I have to increase the wireless signal for the OptikTV? I can't move the T32...

jrueger by Ambassador
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Portuguese channel!!

Well Telus finally launched a Portuguese channel.Sic Noticias on channel 2690

morfao by Organizer
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Optik Upcoming Towns

Does anyone know the timeline for installation of Optik into towns. Waiting here in Sparwood BC but finding it so hard not to switch to Shaw Bluecurve!

Telus 4k box

Will the surround audio ever be fixed or is it back to ShawCable because stereo output from the box is louder than surround .Plus the sound quality in the surround setting is not true 5.1 .Don't respond with it your surround receiver .The receiver is...

Resolved! A TELUS LG 4K Television that isn't

Back in the summer of 2017, I signed up for three services with TELUS and received a free 4K - 42 inch LG television. Wonderful. except the television, along with a 4K box, has never transmitted a 4K resolution. I experimented watching Sportsnet 4K t...

Resolved! Pvr offline

My pvr is saying it's offline yet it's recording and playing recorded shows as usual. Is this a concern or nothing to worry about? Only had Optik a month .hope this isn't a sign of things to come

Jimmyj by Neighbour
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