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Optik button

Is there a way to program the remote so the Optik button does not also shut off the tv

Mapmaker by Just Moved In
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New remote won’t synch with TV

So I purchased a new remote and followed to instructions to pair with the device and TV. The remote works fine for the box, but it will only turn the tv off- it won’t turn it back on.

Change Which Mode Volume Controls

I’ve got an original slimline remote 1 and I changed my remote before so that the volume adjusts my TV programmed to my TV mode. However, I’d like my remote to now adjust the volume on my receiver programmed to my AUX mode instead. Unfortunately I’ve...

Nollind by Neighbour
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download a spreadsheet

Has anybody seen such a link - download a spreadsheet? There are way too many graphics on your pages and very little information per viewed page. For example, I would like to be able to see/download a simple 3 column dataset/spreadsheet showing 1) ch...

dafydd by Just Moved In
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Why is changing theme packs so slow?

I have done this before with no issues but last night I switched a theme pack and this morning there is still no change. I know that it states usually within 15 minutes but can take up to 24 hours. Anyways, I did it because I want to watch a show ton...

Where do I change/pick my themes???

When I log in it says I have 0 services, but had internet and TV set up this morning by a tech. I've tried linking an account but it says we are linked already.