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Scheduling- Can someone explain to me...

Why, on the Golf Channel, there is supposed to be "Live from the US Open" (not on the schedule, but if I wasnt in Canada), but here in Canada all we are getting is a bunch of re-runs of junk programming.Its infuriating. Theres no reason I can see for...

Hogan by Organizer
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TELUS TV "Update"?

Seems like I'm seeing a lot of lag now, especially on start-up. Used to be just on Stingray music channels but not seems that I'm seeing a lot more of that spinner. Also, seems like every time I press a button on the remote, the sound cuts out.

(Attempting to) Change Theme Packs

Why is dealing with Telus so exasperating? I have to say that Shaw Direct was a much better experience when dealing with issues. So I was able to finally "renew" my "contract" for my multitude of home services. Now I want to change a theme pack. Of c...

Certain Channels freeze

My Optik TV doesn’t like hockey on CBC. The picture freezes constantly and the sound is terrible. If I switch to Sportsnet it works perfectly. Soccer on FOX does the same, my picture froze but the sound kept pace with the game.Recorded programs have ...

Davep1111 by Just Moved In
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IR extender for IPV5050

Which extenders are compatible for Telus IPV5050? I've tried a couple different ones with no luck.

CW65 by Just Moved In
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Optik TV PVR recording location

Just a quick question based on curiosity. When recording a TV show, does that recording get saved on a local PVR hard drive, or is the recording done over the Telus network and stored on a Telus Server (ie. cloud based)?

Better Call Saul S6 EP4-EP6 no longer free?

Is S6 EP4 - EP6 were free to watch or they're for purchase from airing date? I am not sure if it was just a glitch but it did show they're free to watch until end of June but today they're now showing subscription required.

x242833 by Just Moved In
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Optik TV not working on Edge

Optik works great on Chrome only. Spent a lot of time trying to get Edge to work but so far it hasn't. CORS policy error, tried Extensions to eliminate that, disabled Virus and Firewall and VPN all to no avail. Removed and reinstalled Edge but still ...

Mark5 by Friendly Neighbour
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