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Free TV

Hi I ordered the tv and internet bundle that comes with the free tv. Am I able to pick it up from the Telus store in town instead of waiting the 8+ weeks they told me it would take to ship and receive?

Resolved! TCM Streaming on ROKU

Hey there!In order to use the TCM app on my Roku television it requires a cable provider that offers TCM as a channel option which TELUS graciously does!However, when searching in the providers list on tcm.com/activate Telus it isn’t on there.The err...

Cutting of the Question

I recently posted and the back half of my post appears to be truncated along with everyone else's? What’s up with that?Is there some way to see the truncated part that I don’t know about?

JosephDyck by Friendly Neighbour
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Put Back RTV!

Put back Russia TV!Yes I know they lie and have just invaded the Ukraine but I need to hear both sides of the story. Also mainstream media is full of lies nowadays, using the “Trusted News Initiative” to do real time censorship across all mainstream ...

JosephDyck by Friendly Neighbour
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Video glitch with Optik TV on Apple TV 4th Gen

New glitchy video bug has just started happening with the Optik TV app running on an Apple TV 4th Gen box. About every 30 seconds or so, the video freezes for about 5 seconds, then will unfreeze and race "fast forward" over a second or so to catch ba...

Tony1000 by Organizer
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Channel guide display off by 1

Channel 3000 "entering the Ukrainian category" suddenly appeared on my channel guide here in Calgary. There is nothing Ukranian there but a static picture of the usual Telus channel categories.However:Take your remote and click Guide/options/guide se...

Shytin by Friendly Neighbour
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FXNow On Demand - The Americans

I have been watching The Americans on FXNow on Demand. I am currently on season 6 and last night watched episode 7. When I tried to watch episode 8, I received the following message " Unable to play video. Please try again later." I tried several tim...

Harcow by Just Moved In
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RT: Russia Today

In light of recent events, we have seen first hand that Putin has no regard for innocent lives. I am disappointed that Telus still offers RT as a channel option considering it is nothing less than a propaganda channel for Putin. I challenge Telus to ...

Moose by Organizer
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TELUS STB IPV6015. Anynet+ device is not connected.

Recently, our previous TELUS STB has been replaced with IPV6015. Now when everything is turned off, then turned on, the Samsung TV can no longer detect the LG soundbar as a receiver and the speaker settings on the Samsung TV select "TV Speakers" by d...

foks_2000 by Just Moved In
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