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Missing Episodes in VOD Library

Hi folks. We know you're passionate about your favourite show(s) and rely on the VOD library to catch up on or re-watch your episodes. We recognize certain episodes may not be as ready as you are so we'd like to enlist your help in flagging them. Sho...

dru by Community Manager
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Wireless versus hard wired for t.v. reception.

I am setting up two t.v.'s in an older steel and concrete building and don't want cable wires all over the place, so considering wireless as an option, however I am concerned that the reception won't be as clear as going hard-wired. Does anyone have ...

TV is black and white only for Telus Optic.

I was watching TV with the baby when he grabbed the remote and I'm not sure how or if it was even him but the tv went black and white. I checked the connections and tried my PS4 on the same tv and everything is fine, it just seems to be the telus rec...

Kenchi by Neighbour
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Why won't my optik box initialize?

My telus TV won't initialize, I have a blank screen that says "no video signal". I have unplugged and restarted everything and checked all connections. The green power light flashes but nothing happens. Is there anything else I can try other than a h...

Cwps29 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus Optik TV not too smart when it comes to recording sports?

My husband recorded 3rd round of golf. The game started later than scheduled and the n cut off at the scheduled end. Miss my Bell TV -which figured out when program really ended, especially sports. I know how to set recording so it continues past reg...

Connecting Optik TV Wireless AP through RG6?

I had Telus Optik TV installed over the weekend and the installer put the Wireless access point in the basement and the wireless box has a weak signal. I noticed on there is a RG6 connection on the back of the VEN501. Can I move the AP to a more cent...

Phaelen by Neighbour
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GOL TV pulling out of Canada.

I don't watch it, maybe others do. GOL TV is packing up and leaving Canadian Airwaves. Guessing not many watch the channel and are bleeding losses here.http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2015/2015-299.htm Gol TV – Revocation of licence1. Gol TV (Canad...

Genre search TV shows

Is there any way to genre search TV shows so that I can record seasonal shows?