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Recordings are all gone

My PVR was acting up today so I pulled the power cord out for a few seconds then plugged it back in. Before I pulled the cord, all my recordings were listed--the PVR wouldn't pause or rewind live TV though which is why I rebooted it. After I powered ...

Optik On The Go - Live TV - Firefox on Linux

I use Linux on my computers. I also have Live TV on Optik to Go. How do I watch Live TV when I use Firefox in Linux and your system requires Silverlight of which it is a Microsoft plugin for Internet Explorer and nothing for Linux Firefox.

TV Programming

I have been a customer of Telus for over twenty years..I am becoming very disappointed in the programming that is being offered. I pay top dollar for regular programming. At present I get approximately 4 months of regular programs and the rest of the...

nat1940 by Just Moved In
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Does Telus offer TV OnDemand

Instead of watching live TV or PVRing it and only be able to watch the show from the TV the PVR is on, does Telus have the option to watch TV using my computer and/or a tablet? If so, how long of a history does Telus keep? Can I miss 4 weeks of episo...

erolleman by Just Moved In
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speed channel

I just found out there is no replacement for the nascar coverage speed had. I will look for a new provider!

stimpy55 by Just Moved In
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discolored optik television problems

Hi, yeah I'm having problems either with my tv or its the optik box its showing more greens and reds its making every one on each channel look pink and the greens look almost turquoiseits really bothering me its been like this for a few days now, iv ...

Resolved! Satellite problem

I am in the trail, bc area and having problems getting tsn hd for past week or so....channel 1400 satellite 82 transponder 7...... Playoffs starting tomorrow and getting a little choked. Any ideas what to do?

Kdew by Just Moved In
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Optik Smart App 3.1

I recently accepted the upgraded Optik app version 3.1 on my Ipad. The one that gives you a new 'On Demand" button.Several problems:1. When I search for 'movies' in "My Guide" I get almost no listings, whereas until now there were pages of them.2. Wh...

MCI by Just Moved In
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Optik Tip » New Channels added!

Have you checked your "Optik on the go" app recently? I was looking at LiveTV this morning and suddenly discovered several new channels added!100 CBC104 GlobalBC106 CityTV131 ABC133 CBS135 NBC137 Fox139 KCTS426, 427, 428, 429 Hollywood Suite600 YTV80...

xl by CPU Alum
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my digital box has been initallizing for 1/2 hour. Help

muggins by Just Moved In
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