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Series Recordings not Recording All

Hello;I've been trying to record the Star Trek series on KVOS(ch#141). For some strange reason, my pvr will not record the entire series but will leave out an episode.I've tried various recording settings and changing the Series Priority but to no av...

Treky by Connector
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Speed Channel

Speed is no longer available as part of my package of channels. Will Telus be providing an alternative channel, or will subscribers be receiving an all new, lower price?

EarleD by Just Moved In
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PVR Fast Forward Problems

On my CIS430 PVR, when fast forwarding or quick jump forwarding, the PVR will all of a sudden jump right to the end of the recording. This is very annoying to say the least! Up until the last couple of days, it was more prvalent on certain channels (...

7SU by Just Moved In
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free tV

i have heard telus gives a free tv is you get cable internet and telephone.... IS THERE A CONTRACT INVOLVED.... PLEASE TELL ME THE DETAILS I HAVE ALREADY TAKED WITH SHAW AND WANT TO COMPARE BEFORE I CHOOSE

Optik TV Installation

I live in a new apartment building and renters cannot make any changes to the buildings infrastructure. The in-house television system is very poor and I would like more options for TV. I was wondering what the rquirements are to get Optik installed ...

millelu by Just Moved In
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Why do you show the first episode and then leave viewers hanging? Time to give us the rest of the series!!

lynzie by Just Moved In
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I would like to change my TV provder to Telus, they have the cable out side in my garden. I only want simple TV feed, a package I pay Telus for no gadgets or contracts, does Telus still serve customers what they want? and not all the add- ons they do...

Himmlers by Just Moved In
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Optic TV - Changing packages

When we signed up for Optik TV last month, we were told by the sales person on the phone that we would get the "essentials" pack plus we could purchase two other theme packs. We would then be able to switch out those theme packs with other theme pack...

babine7 by Just Moved In
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