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When is Optik TV going to add more international channels?

When will Optik TV cater to other nationalities other than Chinese and Punjabi? Lacking Spanish and Portuguese channels. Why does Telus lag in this category, when Bell and Rogers have tons of international channels available to their customers...

Fox Sports Racing

Fox Sports Racing It`s time telus offers this channel it is available in Canada ( rogers tv offers it as of Feb 2015 ) Thanks Mike

fastmikey by Just Moved In
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Fiber optic internet issues

So we go fiber optic internet in our house, the first few weeks we had optimal service:high speeds of 50mbps, low latency n packot loss however now for bout a few weeks, we have been expirencing low speeds like sometimes less then 1mbps, with high pa...

Tara1920 by Just Moved In
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Optik TV to go: no status bar in cTV and global shows no pause rewind

I don't have any status bars in the to go app on some videos. I understand having no fast forward but there should be a way to rewind the program as well as pause it. I think it's a bug in a new update but I am unsure. First gen iPad mini. Doesn't se...

Serbs by Neighbour
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Resolved! I wanted the tv offer but rep stated i could only have the 1 year price offer

I just signed up for telus home tv and internet, and as i had time today, i called in rather than waited for a rep to call me. My online order i chose the tv for my 3 year term offer. But the rep i spoke with said that i cant have that offer. And see...

Mizz by Neighbour
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Unable to watch ordered channels?

I talked to a Telus agent who changed my channel packages for me. It has been an hour since I have spoken with her and it still says that I am not subscribed to the channels. I unplugged-plugged my cable box and it didn't help. I am wondering how lon...

Shaeyha by Just Moved In
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