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Telus box

Just Moved In
Are used to be able to come home from work turn on my TV look at my news channel and it would restart the program at the beginning. Now for some reason I can’t restart at the beginning of a show. If I miss it I miss it. This one channel all of a sudden changed and I don’t understand. Any ideas?


Look at the guide next time you come home and see if it has that little replay 3/4 of a circle with an arrow.  You can only re-start those shows.


You cannot re-start 100% of Telus content.....only the popular shows  

Community Power User
Community Power User

None of it is Telus content actually. The ability to restart a program is up to the individual networks. Some approve most of their content and others only some shows. Some networks not at all. It's definitely not just the popular shows that can be restarted.

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