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4K BOX - Hard wired?

If you chose to hardwire your 4K TV box (instead of WiFi), do you need a special version of the box? Or does the WiFI version have a working LAN/Ethernet port?

Ss_blake by Organizer
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Telus App on Apple TV

Just discovered there’s a Telus App on Apple TV. Bravo! it may have come with TVOS 13.4 (beta 6, I believe and likely GM version), which may not be available for everyone yet.

pbsme by Ambassador
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Resolved! New to TELUS TV need help pairing Soundbars

Hello, I just made the switched from Shaw Blue Curve to TELUS Optik TV and internet, I’m having issues paring my sound bars to the remote (Samsung, Vizio and Polk zero issues with the Shaw remote) I have tried all of the codes on the Remote pairing p...

Yep by Neighbour
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TCL TV Syncing

Just purchased a TCL TV 6 Series and tried to sync it to my Optik TV using all 6 codes suggested by the TELUS online tool. None worked. Tried 0029 as a last resort and it PARTIALLY worked. Need to use both the TCL remote to power on/off TV and volume...

Google Home - search within apps

Does Telus have any plans to enable Google Home voice control to search within Netflix and YouTube apps ? I am with Shaw Bluecurve now and have been able to do this for over a year, simply by talking into the remote. I would switch to Telus Optik if ...

Ss_blake by Organizer
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Optik TV has no sound

The forum lost my original post.In essence: I have tried everything I could think of to troubleshoot this issue.There is no sound, and the issue is the optik TV box thingy.How can i fix this?

Nini by Friendly Neighbour
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UHF remotes/cable boxes

Does TELUS have any cable boxes that have UHF remotes (like shaw BlueSky) instead of IR? I like to have my cable box tucked away and prefer not to have an IR eye stuck somewhere. Thanks


I see Hayu offers one free month upon registration. Does Telus honour that?

JCJ by Just Moved In
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Picture and audio quality

Hey guys,Quality has always been bad.I looked up in system information : network : bitrate : 3145728 bps.This means I only get 3mbps for a 4k pvr ??Anyway to upgrade this ?

Fabdub by Just Moved In
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Audio no picture

I just got a soundbar and im trying to connect my telus box. I have sound but no picture. I do have picture and sound from my ps4.

Syrron by Just Moved In
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