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Fibre Install nuisance

Just Moved In

Well! I certainly AM enjoying the TELUS work crews that have been digging holes to run fibre into every house in my neighbourhood, running their drills and digging holes from 730am to 430pm for the last MONTH! (They were also here for a month in the summer).


The noise is incessant,  and remarkably, is at the exact pitch as the soundtrack to my nervous breakdown.


My question: Does TELUS plan to compensate homeowners for their frazzled nerves, and the parents of babies, healthcare and emergency service professionals on shift-work, or those who may be unwell/fighting significant physical/mental illnesses who cannot get a decent rest? Not everyone in the neighbourhood wanted fibre, but even if they opted out, they still have to deal with the nuisance.


Hooray for fibre! Hooray for progress!

Oh, and thanks for the unsolicited Facebook ads.