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Optik TV Bulletin Board: Discover, Discuss, and Develop

Dear Neighbours, We’re the TV Product Development team, and we strive to bring you a continuously improving TV service and experience that fits your needs. Since the launch of the new Optik TV service through the TELUS TV+ platform, our business and ...

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PVR Recording

2 shows I set to record yesterday instead recorded a completely different show. Why?

BillM1 by Just Moved In
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Optik control via internet/IP

1. Is the Optik Slimline 2 remote IR and/or RF/Bluetooth based ? Does the Optik 4K box only support IR ? I would think not as most people now hide the box behind the TV!2. Is Optik 4K box controllable via automation platform like Crestron ? IP or RS2...

Ss_blake by Organizer
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Hi all, I rebooted my 5662 PVR because my other TVs were acting up. Now the internet is working fine and the wireless TVs are fine but the PVR wont connect and has solid lights - LINK, Bluetooth and Record. Im scared to reboot the modem again and los...

JP123 by Just Moved In
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No signal

Over last couple days I’m having issues with not only my tv , cell phone and loosing signal and connectivity overall .Lat night I couldn’t use TV or my cell phone !Does anyone in the neighborhood have same problems?

Pa by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Optik TV Error Message LP1008 & Mac OS upgrade to Version 10.15.4 (19E266)

Today I installed Mac OS Upgrade to Version 10.15.4 (19E266). After installing I am not able to access Optik TV from Safari. I am not able to get to the url at all ... watchoptik.telus.com/#yourtv I get error message LP1008 when trying to access that...

eddy3216 by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! Optik TV - Changing Theme Packs

Is anyone else experiencing difficulty changing theme packs? I have tried through the app and the website (via various browsers) and nothing works. I'll click "Remove" and the page seems to register the click, but...nothing happens. Likewise, if I cl...

Massteph by Just Moved In
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Optik TV - Failed to create account

I have been trying to watch Crave on my browser. To do this though, it says that I need to log into my Optik TV account. I don't currently have one, so I followed Telus' instructions and went onto the menu to create an account through the TV. However...

Joey3 by Just Moved In
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