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TELUS TV Feature Updates - Ongoing

Dear Neighbours, We’re experimenting with different formats to assure you we’re listening and working on improvements to the TELUS TV platforms. We have frequent releases designed to tackle the platform's immediate and long-term stability, and we’ll ...

Optik-Kate by TELUS Team Member
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Resolved! Optik TV Bulletin Board: Discover, Discuss, and Develop

Dear Neighbours, We’re the TV Product Development team, and we strive to bring you a continuously improving TV service and experience that fits your needs. Since the launch of the new Optik TV service through the TELUS TV+ platform, our business and ...

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Optik-Kate by TELUS Team Member
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Resolved! Just had 4K Wireless installed… no access to PVR

Ok so this might be a stupid question but we had 4K wireless installed and all the boxes look identical. Which one is my PVR? We moved some boxes as we installed a new tv and now we don’t have access to the PVR recordings on any tv.Help!

Random descriptive audio

When watching episodes on crave on the Optik tv box, some episodes randomly enable descriptive audio. I can disable it for that episode but once the next on starts it is enabled again. This started happening pretty recently does anyone have an idea w...

Chris780 by Just Moved In
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Cable box problems

Ok so power went out when it came back on basement box would just flash nothing else so I tried the box from upstairs it didn’t work either just flashed but they worked when I tried them in the bedroom tried resetting modem nothing tried new Ethernet...

Resolved! Remote issue..

I have a Toshiba flatscreen and when programming my 4k remote it controls the power on and off no problem.. It however won't control the volume..My other non 4k remote with my other tv. No problem it controls everything.Why does the 4k not work?Anyon...

Resolved! Resolution issue with latest optik TV app on Apple TV

Hi there, There's an issue with the latest version of the Optik TV app on apple TV 4k. Since upgrading, watching shows or live tv does not fill the entire screen. It fills about 90% of the screen with a black border on the left and right sides. It is...

lesliel by Just Moved In
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Can only watch Food network on app

Hello,When I use the Optik TV App on my iPhone, I can log in with myTelus and filter by "my subscribed channels", and it plays fine. When I try to access it on my tv, it does not show up on the guide, and channel 313 gives me a popup, saying I am not...

Optik PVR recording re-runs when set to first run only?

I've noticed lately that a few, definitely not all, shows that I have set to record first run only on the PVR are recording re-runs randomly and inconsistently. The air dates on the shows are well in the past (years back) but somehow the PVR is consi...

Nighthawk by Community Power User
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Resolved! Why can't I see the answer to my post?

I asked a question on this forum the other day. The topic was PVR needs a daily reboot or recordings are not available. And someone named FuzzyLogic appears to have answered it. But when I try to access that answer by clicking on the topic, I get a w...

alan-bc by Just Moved In
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PVR needs a daily reboot or recordings are not available.

There's three Optik boxes in the house, a PVR and two "remotes". The PVR is connected via Ethernet, the other two boxes are connected wirelessly. For about a year, everything has been working perfectly. But starting about three weeks ago, the recordi...

alan-bc by Just Moved In
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