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How to view my Pik5 selections?

I have the "Basics + Pik5" package. As far as I can see, I do not have 5 channels selected. How do I view my 5 selected channels? When I try adding channels, it increases my cost.

raDren by Just Moved In
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Fire TV

Dang just signed up for two years got my spare TV’s outside and extra sporting game tv in basement both have firestick and Telus + app isn’t available. Had I known I wouldn’t have signed up with Telus. Oh well lesson learned back to Shaw in 2 years.

koffmcsp by Friendly Neighbour
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TELUS TV+ Remote AV Receiver Power Control

Hi, new to TELUS TV+. So far so good. I got the remote to control my Sony TV and change the volume on my Pioneer av receiver. When I hit the power button on the remote, the TV shura off, but not the av receiver. Is there a way to fix/program this?

MikeyR by Neighbour
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Global TV app, channels not available

I got the Global TV app to watch on demand shows on HGTVBut when I sign in using my telus credentials, it says "based on my tv package, I have access to global and global news only".Why is this? Because the global tv app says this:Watch Global, HGTV,...

hmmorelli by Just Moved In
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Recording the same series on two channels

I'm trying to series record Jeopardy on both 240 NTV at 3:30 and 255 CBS at 4:30. When I try, Telus TV+ software just changes my one series recording to use the other channel. How can I record both? (so if I find that one has audio blips I can choose...

newio by Organizer
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Optik Tv Customization...no go on MyTelus

Hiya neighbours! I have only just gotten Optik TV. To test it out and get a little feel I have opted for the Basics + Pick 5. Mmm well there's a couple channels that I want to change already.. From every how to and forum I've looked at, they all poin...

JBentley by Neighbour
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Series recording still a disaster...

I'll keep it simple cause you've heard it all before... I am nearly 16 months in on this system, why is it STILL lacking in so many BASIC areas? 1. Why does making a change to 'Series Recordings' from every episode to new only, frequently populate th...

MrSL by Leader
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