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Optic Recordings

For the past week, none of my scheduled recordings have been recorded. I've done every reset possible and still will not record any programs. Been on hold with support forever, you should seriously have a call back feature.

dwils72 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Recording time

We just switched from Shaw to Telus .My neighbor has had Telus for a year or more and he showed me the features that helped me be comfortable with switching to Telus.Telus set us up with Optic TV+.This is supposedly an upgrade to the system my neighb...

BigAl2 by Friendly Neighbour
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Telus TV+ on Chromecast with Google TV not playing video

Hi,I just got Optik TV and installed the Telus TV+ App on my Chromecast with Google TV and it won't play anything. I have tried Live TV, On Demand, and from the Guide and it always loads for 1 minute and then gives me error code ERR_PLAYER_P001. Othe...

RS2 by Just Moved In
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Watching Live Sports

I recently got the new Telus digital Bluetooth box and while I'm watching sports I have noticed it was behind "live". Is there a reason for this ?Watching the hockey game and I get a text from someone who has the old telus box about a play and he is ...

[Megathread] Emergency alerts

Wondering why we are getting emergency alerts a few times every hour for Alberta. We are in BC no where near the affected areas. it defeats the purpose to have an emergency alert system when it is not accurate, people begin to ignore them.

Lcar by Friendly Neighbour
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Network Setup and Optik TV

Hello,I have a network setup that has the ONT plugged into a switch that provides WAN inputs for both my T3200M and Asus router. It's a bit complicated but the output from the switch that feeds the T3200M is run over coax via MOCA adapters on both en...

Cobram18 by Organizer
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Emergency alerts on Telus Optik

I contacted one of my local TV stations regarding the test emergency alerts that were supposed to be broadcast on May 8. It did not air on their station and I asked them why. They said that it is the BDU's responsibility to interrupt the TV signals s...

Telus TV features, prices, questions

I'm confused about the Telus TV options. I'm looking for a straightforward chart of the actual channels available in each package, and prices. https://downloads.ctfassets.net/p9rf8eidq2aw/66p6qVV1BDTYoUHc80Z0wq/f5dfb46e7185e1175ee8f1992ebb5716/Digita...

newio by Friendly Neighbour
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