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Apple TV

I just purchased a new phone from Tells with the benefit of one year of Apple TV. I have gone into Optic TV and TV Apps and I do not see an Apple TV App. I have Netflix and others. So how do I get to watch Apple TV.

mb101 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus TV-21T Quality of HD channels

Hey guys,Since Optik-Kate and others are giving timelines on when things are being updated. Just wondering if there is a timeline on fixing the poor bitrate of regular hd channels? Watching sports on the box is unbearable. Quality is way worse than t...

Signal strength

Why does my iPhone SE possibly the worst iPhone ever access optic TV in the most remote regions of my house while the optic box often struggles and it’s closer to the wifi unit. Looking for a amazing solution

Wkmacd by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Why can't I cancel my PikTV easily?

It's frustrating to know you can't cancel your PikTV subscription easily. You try calling them to the recommended number (1-888-811-2323), only for the virtual assistant giving you a recommendation to manage your channel subscriptions... I just want ...

JasonG by Just Moved In
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Volume Control

Using an Optik TV-21T box with a Monitor type TV, so no tuner and no internal speakers, HDMI cable hook up Monitor has optical audio out but its fixed not variable same as the Telus box's optical outMonitor has analog audio out but no sound transfer ...

RonD by Just Moved In
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How do we stop the auto-start?

1) I go to the Telus & a PVR menu screen when I turn the TV off, yet still when I turn the TV back on, it goes to a current channel & starts playing it. Unless I pause that & exit out, it continually plays in the background while I’m trying to select...

Remove Resume Watching Episodes

Is there any way to remove a show from the Resume section? I made the mistake of watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory, and now it is forever in my Resume list. It does not clear even when I watch the most recent episode either.

JS7 by Just Moved In
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When NEW is not NEW

Like others I welcomed the addition of the green NEW to identify new shows. With season ending for actual new shows there are fewer NEW shows and it has become notifiable that random repeats are marked NEW

Rocky3 by Rockstar
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