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PVR record not functioning

For the past 3 years we have recorded jeopardy every night with no problems, using the record series function. About a month ago, it just stopped recording. It still shows up as a recorded series, but doesn’t record. Also, if we watch it live and hit...

Y0k0 by Just Moved In
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New tv boxes do not allow browsing thru recordings

For example, I like to browse thru hockey games and watch the goals scored. I watch the scoreboard and once it changes I review the goal. With new system I cannot do this!!! Arrrgh! Are we moving forward or backwards with this new system??Also, I do ...

Alta-aj by Neighbour
  • 3 replies
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PVR fast forward problem

Lately when I was watching a recorded program and tried to fast forward, at certain point during the fast forward, it just jumped right back to the beginning. Now the recording would not go past that point. I contacted service, all they did was reset...

easygoing by Friendly Neighbour
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Recording scheduling PGA on CBS or NBC not workng

Anyone else having problems with series recording of PGA on NBC or CBS? All other series recording works fine including recording of PGA on golf channel. This just started a few weeks ago. I’ve cancelled and rescheduled the recording schedule several...

Issues with recordings

We set a series recording on 702 and it works sometimes and then disappears. Try to set again and it will not take.Random recordings are corrupt when trying to play.Guide is very slow to refresh going forwards only a day.Too many steps to delete a re...

T-roy by Neighbour
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PVR Issues

I have been having issues with my PVR for a month or so now. When I watch a program that I have recorded, the PVR suddenly stops. With the statement popping ip, " Recording not available. Make sure this digital box and the PVR are connected to the ne...

TrentM by Just Moved In
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Finally Recording in New Digital Box Solved

Ok. In another post I had expressed my inability to record . @kate said, I need to have a cloud subscription. Finally after talking extensively with customer loyalty rep and technical services, the problem had been resolved. The problem appeared to b...

xmldba by Organizer
  • 6 replies
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TelusTV-21T and universal remotes

I've just had a TelusTV-21T box installed. I do not like the remote and would prefer my universal remote. The codes for Telus do not work for this newer tech.Is there a four digit code(s) for the TelusTV-21T box?

Cakehead by Just Moved In
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Trouble connecting VIP5602W to Boost using WPS

Problem: I cannot get the 4k Wireless STB to pair with the network using WPS. Despite multiple power cycles and resets of devices, a long call with Telus technician, and replacement of the 4K Wireless STB itself to ensure the problem wasn't a defecti...

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