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I'd like my immediate family members to be able to download and use the TELUS TV+ app without sharing my same login credentials I use for billing and other TELUS services. Help with creating login profiles for family app usage?

RobDunn by Just Moved In
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What is wrong with this company!?

After almost 15 years with this company it has gotten bad enough to the point that we are taking our business elsewhere, time and time again charges added, billing changes without notice or reason, promises of promotions and credits that after the ph...

Justin7 by Neighbour
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Seattle 11 KSTW

The logo for channel 143 still shows The CW. This channel is now an independent channel. Confusing when looking for a program on the CW.

EJ44 by Organizer
  • 16 replies
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Resolved! TelusTV-21T and sound issues

I recently switched over to the new TelusTV-21T boxes. Now I am having issues with the boxes reducing the sound. I have a Samsung TV. When I use the samsung tv app on the actual tv, the sound is fine. When I use the telus box, the sound is significan...

A_Ryan by Friendly Neighbour
  • 19 replies
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Wireless hdmi transmitter-receiver

My modem and the Google tv are on the opposite walls.Can I use wireless hdmi transmitter and receiver between the Telus box at the modem and my tv?Will the picture and sound quality be good on the tv?Or, a direct connection with a long hdmi cable wil...

SC_ca by Just Moved In
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Recording and fast forward, rewind

Can you fast forward and rewind while a recording is still in progress? If it is 30 minutes in of a 60 minute program, can you start watching it and ff/rewind within the first 30 minutes? Can you go back and replay something in live tv like on hard d...

newio by Friendly Neighbour
  • 2 replies
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Program Reminder Function - Optik TV+

Are there any plans to include upcoming program reminder option in Optik TV similar to what we had with Shaw? It is useful for disabled residents with accessibility deficienciesWould appreciate a reply.Thanks

pafudd by Just Moved In
  • 5 replies
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