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We moved into out townhouse in the Garneau neighborhood in Feb 2020. We contacted Telus to subscribe to WIFI and Optik TV. We have been customers for over 30 years. We were advised that we had a copper wire connection but were assured that fiber opti...

bobmcvey by Just Moved In
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Exit TelusTV+ Android TV app?

I can go all the way to Settings and scroll down to Exit, but that is a lot to do each time I want to exit. I can't just turn off the TV because there is no way to stop the stream in the background from playing, which would waste a lot of bandwidth i...

newio by Helpful Neighbour
  • 2 replies
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Optic TV - problem acquiring license 0x80004CO1B

For two days I have the error code in the subject line come up anytime I try to watch on demand programming from CTV, Global, CBC etc.Reset the Optic Tv box and Router a few times but the problem persists.Also had a fed days of no info on the guide.I...

Andyt by Neighbour
  • 1 replies
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Tv+ profiles

Turned on the TV and the profile option was gone lost recordings. How do I get it back?

Wratchford by Friendly Neighbour
  • 15 replies
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Resolved! Recording time

We just switched from Shaw to Telus .My neighbor has had Telus for a year or more and he showed me the features that helped me be comfortable with switching to Telus.Telus set us up with Optic TV+.This is supposedly an upgrade to the system my neighb...

BigAl2 by Friendly Neighbour
  • 16 replies
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PVR Settings

After several years of PVR recording, something has changed and not for the better. Settings are changed automatically. You program the PVR to "delete when I want" it changes it to "delete after one recording". You put "first run" it changes it to "r...

4930 by Neighbour
  • 1 replies
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Resolved! How to watch channels with a home icon

Some channels have a Home icon in them and you can't watch them on the website telustvplus unless you are at home. I am at home on my Telus internet account (it is the only internet I have) using a Windows web browser. What can I do?

newio by Helpful Neighbour
  • 1 replies
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