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Can't cancel my Optik

Suddenly I am being charged $200 for TV and I don't even want it. I tried to cancel but they make it impossible. I am soooooo pisssed off!! They sent me to support on the phone 4 times and every time I waited for 15 minutes and then they hung up!!@ I...

Bob6 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Optik TV

When I set up a Telus account for my new home I was offered Telus Optik TV. I told the person I did not want it because I don’t have a TV. He offered it in a deal and assured me that I could watch it through my computer. Now I receive the TV Digital ...

kc95 by Neighbour
  • 7 replies
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FOX Business Channel /France 24 on Rogers

With Shaw now under Rogers ownership. Is Telus planning on adding FOX Business and France 24 to the lineup to keep up with the competition? I see that Rogers is slowly adding channels that Telus does not currently provide.

EJ44 by Organizer
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This is for the TelusTV-21T cloud recording STB. Great start to the year Telus... I have had this error at least 3 times now when trying to playback a recording. Latest and current error is for Showcase CH301 recording dated Jan 12. 'Unwanted' S1:E2....

MrSL by Leader
  • 13 replies
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Charge for recording

I recently switched from Shaw to Telus Optik TV. I've been unable to record. Customer service informs me that there is a $10/month charge for recording. Really???? This does not make any sense. And how come I was not informed of this when I made the ...

Rosario by Just Moved In
  • 2 replies
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CNN International

Hi, could you please explain why CNN International isn't available at least in full HD resolution? Watching it in standard definition on a 4K TV screen is quite bothersome, especially with pixelated text. It's disappointing considering the Telus tech...

Tekkie by Just Moved In
  • 2 replies
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Telus TV+ with Live Channels (Sony Android TV)

Has anyone managed to get the Telus TV+ app to work with the Live Channels app on Android TV? And if so, did the guide work?On my Sony Bravia XBR-75X900F I have both working, but when I go to Settings -> Watching TV -> Channels -> Streaming Channels ...

Gadzuk by Organizer
  • 4 replies
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Tv+ profiles

Turned on the TV and the profile option was gone lost recordings. How do I get it back?

Wratchford by Friendly Neighbour
  • 13 replies
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