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Resolved! Switching to Prime Video randomly

I'm not sure what to do about this, but for the last 3 days, Prime Video starts randomly. We have been watching recorded shows, with no one touching the remote, and Prime Video just starts. I don't have the app for it, we generally watch it on channe...

Netflix not working on Optik TV

My dad was trying to watch Netflix on our Optik TV boxes tonight, however, when he tuned into the channel and launched the app, it got stuck on a screen with a very dim Netflix logo for a minute, then it booted us out to the apps menu. Launched Netfl...

RyDawg by Advisor
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Home page when opening TV

I recently switched my grandparents over from ShawTV. Previously, we would open the tv and it would resume the same channel from when we closed it. Now with Telus we’re getting a lot of pop ups saying to login to google and it’s showing a home page w...

Lammindy by Friendly Neighbour
  • 12 replies
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How do we stop the auto-start?

1) I go to the Telus & a PVR menu screen when I turn the TV off, yet still when I turn the TV back on, it goes to a current channel & starts playing it. Unless I pause that & exit out, it continually plays in the background while I’m trying to select...

Charge for Optik TV remote???

I recently signed up for Optik TV. Just received the installation kit in the mail a couple days ago, went to install it and there was no remote control included in the Wireless Digital Box Kit, even though it shows on the installation guide it should...

azn_girl by Neighbour
  • 5 replies
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Resolved! Free Previews List

Where can we find the list of upcoming free previews on the Telus website ???? Right now when I put " free previews " in the search box it takes me here: https://www.telus.com/en/tv/what-to-watch So is there any place ( besides channel 5 ) that I can...

First time Telus user

So I just switched from Shaw yesterday and have a few initial observations. Tell me if I’m wrong here:1) tried to set up an automatic recording for the oilers games and it looks like there’s no way to record games for one team only? Do I have to reco...

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