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Apple TV not Working?

Hi when I select the Telus App on Apple TV it opens and then immediately closes (undoing new system with recordings). This happens with all my Apple TV’s and I have deleted the App and reinstalled it with the same result. I am on the latest Apple TV ...

Recordings Red Circle 🔴

This should a pinned thread for everyone to keep adding too since it seems to be another ongoing issue with recording flaws.Here is the list of shows currently showing in my recordings that have a Red Circle beside it and haven't gone away in over a ...

RobG3987 by Advocate
  • 20 replies
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Why are so many recordings failing to play

TelusTV-21T Optik TV.In the last 3 days I've had three (3) recordings that completed but would not play. All three showed in the recording list as completed.However, when selecting two of them I was rewarded with only a "record circle" in the right p...

Grimmt by Organizer
  • 28 replies
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TelusTV-21T Cloud recording playback freezing

I've noticed recently that cloud recording playback will freeze intermittently for about 1 second, just enough to miss that vital piece of dialogue. Happens maybe 5-10 times per hour during playback. It happens on multiple channels and programs. If I...

MrSL by Ambassador
  • 0 replies
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Advice on how to fix Optik TV signal

My optik TV keeps pixelating or artifacting, and I am running out of ideas on what to do. I have detailed what I have done, and more details below. Attached is also a youtube link showing the glitching in effectGlitching Video: https://youtu.be/swjph...

optik tv setup image.png
Iv4n by Just Moved In
  • 3 replies
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4K Telus box

Hi, I have 1 standard and 2- 4K boxes, hooked to older TVs. While watching a show on PVR, both 4K boxes randomly switch to Amazon on 424. Happens 2 or 3 times in 3 or so hours of watching the PVR. Very annoying. Does anyone have any suggestions? Trie...

JT4 by Neighbour
  • 4 replies
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series recordings

Kate you posted this in JuneUnable to run series recording on news channels AllEpisode recording is available while we work on resolving this. I hoped the solution to the guide options button would also resolve some but not all prgrams will not recor...

Rocky3 by Ambassador
  • 7 replies
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Favorite channels

I finally got the ability to choose favorite channels from my subscribed channels. GREAT right.However, my wife does not know that after you turn it off and back on again you have to again and again choose favorite as it defaults to subscribed. Also ...

Rocky3 by Ambassador
  • 3 replies
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90 day fiance

Hey, could 90 day fiancé and 90 day fiancé the other way get updated please? There’s only one episode of 90 day fiancé so essentially all those episodes are missing.Thanks!

Shannonj by Just Moved In
  • 1 replies
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