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telus home phone

I live in a condo which is approx. 5 years old. When someone presses intercom to be let in they can here me but I can hardly here them. Nobody else in building seems to be having any problems.This has been a problem since we moved in and connected to...

TV and WIFI connection

I have not had a good connection with my TV or WIFI. It Keeps cutting out and I lost connection during the hockey game over 30 minute ago. I not very happy with the service.

LeeAnne by Just Moved In
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Paying your bill online has become a nightmare

From March 2016 start, payment portal has been changed. Despite repeated attempts the payment portal stops at step 2. When I tried to make payment of your bill from my online bank account, it refused to accept telus communications as valid address.Pl...

viqar by Just Moved In
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Resolved! disappointed with roll out of CRTC rules

I literally watch 5 channels in total, yet have to pay for the Essential package at $35, as well as 2 theme packs at $7 each. All that for 5 channels. I was really waiting for the basic cable package to come in at $25, and then wait for the other two...

Sheri by Just Moved In
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New packages

I am looking for what Telus is offering under the new CRTC rules. 

GordWW by Just Moved In
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I have had my home service hooked up for about a week now and I'm suppose to get a laptop and a tracking number with it but I have been waiting almost a month now since they said that so I'm just a little curious

Resolved! Theme packs

My bill is too high and I have tried to delete/cancel some under "movie pick 8 themes"on my online account but the cost reduction does not show up. Before you could cancel channels/theme packs and it would show the deducted amount. My question is are...