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im trying to setup my own netgear dm200 modem cause the telus router/modem is garbage. and it asks for a VLAN ID for my internet provider. does anyone know the VLAN ID?? and the best settings for that modem

Ground crew

Hello telus has dug a hole in my front yard and needs to repair their line, they said they would have it fixed in three days but it has actually been three weeks now and there's an open hole in my yard ! I'm wondering how I can get a hold of the grou...

Resolved! I paid my last.bill.......

i am minsu lim. i paid my last bill (INT LGHTSPD L2Y2R3 $23.52) at 08.05.2017can you check my last bill?

seulah by Just Moved In
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Home Internet usage Total Resetting To Zero

Anyone else having problems with the Telus "My Account" "Home Internet Usage" page? I regularly look at my internet usage via the "Home Internet usage" page under "My Account". On the last billing cycle I noticed that suddenly I had two accounts with...

Hinton by Organizer
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Internet faster?

Hi, I am wondering if I am getting the fastest internet that will allow me to download movies faster. Right now when I try to download movies on my tv through my android device there is a lot of buffering and interruptions. My account is Telus 15 123...

GHogan by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Special bundle price for disabled

HiAm wondering if you would consider having a special bundle price for disabled, and seniors who are going downhill healthwise. When one is going through serious life threatening health issues it is hard to be phoning every six months or once a year ...

Jsusloyal by Just Moved In
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Communications Company that Doesn't Want to Communicate.

I have to say I'm a little more than angry. I have been waiting on the phone for my second night for over an hour. I gave up last night because I had to get some work done. Telus has decided unilaterally to change my contract and made a second contra...

a9mandm9 by Just Moved In
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e.Bill spam

Received the same e.Bill three times already today...knock it off donkey's.


How do I add another person's name on my account in order to give that person authority to ask questions, make payments, etc?

Wait time

I've been on phone for 60 mins like how long is this gonna go on for? Third night in a row if someone doesn't answer soon I will cancel all my accounts. Such horrible service

Mad by Just Moved In
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