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RE; TV for new customers..please read the question below.

Did you mean : I have seen and heard via TV and on the site, if you sign up for Telus for a 3 year package can get a certain size tv. I've been with Telus way more that 3 years, why can't' the loyal customers as myself also get the same thing.Your se...

phone warranty

Is my phone warrantied for water damage for 90 days after purchase

hjbarnes1 by Just Moved In
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Not happy that speed channel is gone ..................... maybe you should get it back or get Fox 1 sports . thanks

fastmikey by Just Moved In
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samsung tablet

I got a tablet free for signing up ,One year into the three year contract the tablet broke ,i found out there was a power surge . My question is can i get a new tablet or something else, I have one year and 3 months left of the contract. Please let m...

sk by Just Moved In
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Simple Account Management Job

Hi Telus, I'm wondering why your Business Analyst didn't capture this requirement that when an account is closed, the customer don't receive online statement notification. I'm receiving three emails/month which two of the accounts is closed months ag...

Mary by Just Moved In
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Sign up Bonus

The sign up bonus should be offered to longstanding customers who was never given the opportunity to receive a new TV, computer etc... when signing up.

hp by Just Moved In
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