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Deleted emails


I thought that after a certain number of messages in both the "Trash" and "Junk" folders, that Telus automatically emptied those folders.  This is no longer happening....WHY NOT????    Now I go to delete one and find that I can have 200 + messages in that folder.



@Irishgranny   Do your own delete. I keep very few emails delete every day if important print them out.  I star some and save them to star. I made a folder for online orders and it gets cleaned out when orders arrive. Delete the sent ones- draft - junk - trash - spam  every day. Warning if you delete the ALL MAIL folder you delete everything on your new gmail account.  You can see 5-600 emails there. If you made special accounts labels they get deleted too.  Sooner or later my stared ones get deleted.  Polecat

This is what I've been doing...but not every day.  Will have to get myself on a schedule !  But I thought at one time Telus automatically deleted them when the count got to 50 or so.  Guess that shows I'm a long-time Telus email customer if I remember that !  Just don't remember them ever telling us that they weren't doing it anymore.   Anyhow, thanks for the omeback & the advice.

@Irishgranny  I am learning to live with Gmail but hate it  It is to involved to go somewhere else will have to live with it. Polecat

If Telus gmail is like regular gmail then the trash and spam folders automatically delete anything older than 30 days.

No..doesn't delete automatically.  I have emails from Sept. still there.  Guess it's a manual delete....just have to do it at least weekly from now on.