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It's not a question.


Cancel my Internet 150 and Optik TV home services NOW.  For the last 48 hours I have been dealing with Telus Employees telling me they can't cancel my services.  Whether by email, PHONE or live chat, I am unable to cancel my home services.  48 hours ago I had every intention of coming back to Telus when and if the virus wasn't keeping me from gainful employment.  Now, while my expired two year contract bleeds me month to month for a service I cannot afford and cannot cancel, I wonder what motivates such horrendous business practices during these trying times.  Hey Telus, there's a pandemic with millions pennyless and I'm one of them.  Cancel my Internet 150 and Optik TV home services NOW.  No, phoning this in doesn't work.  Spent several hours with your PureFibre staff on the phone to no avail.  Just kept running into brick walls of redirection and attempted upselling.  "...I'm sorry sir you'll have to speak with the retention team.."  Retention team?  We're in a pandemic and your still trying retention tactics?  Shame on you!  Every member of the retention team should be assigned other duties within Telus as it is just disgusting to try to leech more money out of people in crisis.  My current total oweing on my Optik TV Essentials and Internet 150 home services is $1100 and rising because they won't cancel my services.  There's an upcoming Global News report on shady Covid business practices and they just called me back to talk.  


Community Power User
Community Power User

No one on the forums here will have access to your account. The ONLY way to cancel services is to contact Telus directly. Typically the retention team are the ones that will be able to cancel the policy. It has been that way even before the pandemic existed. Did you not talk to retention when the sales people transferred you to them?

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