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Bad Customer Service

Just Moved In

I don't understand why a Communication company with the capacity to have people work from home, can't field enough people to staff the call center so that I don't have to wait on my mobile phone for an hour or more. It is also is a mystery why the call back option is now not an option so I have to wait on my mobile phone for an hour or more draining my power and wasting my time 

I feel that Telus is exploiting the COVID crisis to save money buy reducing staff at a time when the call center access is needed now more than ever, due to safety concerns with visiting in person.

I have been a customer for since 2006 and have until recently been for the most part satisfied with the product.



It could have something to do Telus putting the majority of the call centers in other parts of the world to exploit the cheaper labor force and cost of living. I mean especially in a pandemic. One would hope that a National carrier would want to also support the Nation it's in by employing more people in that Nation.