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Resolved! email question

I thought that the Junk and Trash folders were automatically emptied after a certain time or number.....apparently not, as I have just deleted over 200 emails in my Trash folder and about 50 in my Junk folder. Am I we have to do this ou...

1TB or 650GB limit on 250/250 plan?

Hey all, I was under the impression that the new 250/250 plan had a 1TB limit ( as per: , but my account is showing 650GB as the limit. Does anyone know which number is accurate? Thanks!

Email spam filtering not working

Has the flagging of suspected spam messages been discontinued by Telus? Spam messages used to be flagged and delivered to my email "Junk" folder but lately there have been no flagged messages. I am receiving lots of spam email, but none of it is flag...

reb47 by Just Moved In
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Survey Question

I am searching for how to post a comment in the forum. Is this the place? I wanted to comment on an email I received offering me a chance to win $300 if I completed a survey by I have no idea at all whether this is an officia...

lothian by Just Moved In
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Verification code

It says I will receive a verification code in a text but I still haven't received one is this because it was before my installation date I tried to register an account online

Pavao403 by Just Moved In
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What is my account number

Hi, I m a new costumer , I login in your register , but I don't know what is my account number, so I can't completed setting.Please email to to let me know my information. Thanks

Venus728 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Watching tv shows online

To watch shows on CTV or Global On their apps we have to have an Optik telus accunt but where we live Optik isn’t available. Are we out of luck? We have telus satellite but that isn't listed on providers lists for these apps.

Reconnecting Internet

Today I woke up to my internet being cut off so I payed my bill but today Sunday and tomorow is a holaday can I get my acount reconnected online.

Just venting

Hi; I just need a place to vent my frustration about Telus Chat. For the last hour or so, have been looking at the screen that tells me that there is 1 person ahead of me in the queue. Is there only one person staffing the Telus end and he/she has go...

ChrisX by Organizer
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