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Telus customer used my email address to sign up


For several months now I've been getting emails from Telus for a customer other than myself. He has the same last name but is no relation and must have just given Telus what he thought was a fake email address as his account went delinquent immediately after the first billing period.  Now his account is closed and he owes Telus $556.89.


When this first started happening (getting these annoying emails when I'm not a Telus customer) I looked for a way to contact Telus other than waiting on the phone.  The chat bot is wholly useless.


So if an employee is reading this, the delinquent a-hole using my email address is <edited by Mod>.  The iCloud email address he signed up with is mine, not his.  I don't know Janson, we're not related and don't even live in the same province.  Please remove that email address from his account.


Community Power User
Community Power User

You will likely need to call Telus to get this sorted out. Here is some additional contact info:


Report a problem regarding fraud and spam - Security | TELUS

Just a long time customer hoping to help.