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Cannot register account

Hello, I recently signed up for Telus's PureFiber internet service and thought I would create a My Telus account, but after I put in my information, I get the message "This account cannot be registered online". My internet service hasn't actually bee...

TingTing by Just Moved In
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Charging for PVR rental

So my apartment building has an incentive where I only pay $40 a month for both T.V and internet no other fee's! I specifically asked them to make sure and they told me again no other fee's! My first bill I was charged $250 more then I was supposed t...

How to use up you reward points

I used points to get a $50 bill discount. But you can only do this once a year. QUESTION can you get more than ONE Telus in store preloaded mastercard or is that once a year also. I want to use the points up - putting on account would be the best but...

polecat by All-Star
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I need an extension to pay my bill

Hi I received an email giving me 24 hours to pay 109.00 and can't pay until the 19th I looked for online chat the hold on the phone is too long

Chara by Just Moved In
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First bill

I'm seeing my first optik and Internet bill online. I've opted for paper bill but have yet to receive it in mail. Does it usually arrive later?

Jimmyj by Neighbour
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Increased Internet charge

Hi, I just received your bill today! I was paying 90 dollars last month! How come my bill this month is 95 dollars? Chung

B lock

How to block incoming call on the landline

Imee by Just Moved In
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ringing and knocking on my door

Hi. I was very displeased when a door to door sales rep from Telus rang and knocked at my door yesterday and today December 21st. I have a NO SOLICITING sign on my window. When I answered the door tonight the rep said that it is Telus’ policy to ring...

Debbie4 by Just Moved In
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