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Resolved! Pay-per-minute long distance

I would like to confirm that there is no monthly charge for the "Pay-per-minute long distance" add-on. You pay only for the minutes that you actually use the add-on..

normvcr by Neighbour
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Can't access my billing information...long time customer.

When I login to view my bill I get this message: "Your first bill isn't ready yet. We'll let you know by email and/or text when it's available" Normally my bill would be due about now and I would have received an e-mail notification. I cannot find an...

FuzzyLogic by Community Power User
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Pay friends home bill from my own account

I want to pay my friends home tel bill through my account?I am unable to find MAKE PAYMENTS when i am in my account. Where is it?Thank you

sv by Just Moved In
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Can't set up mytelus for my internet service?

So I just got the first bill for my internet service, and I'm trying to set it up online with my telus. I'm a previous telus customer who previously had internet with telus, with zero problems (had to stop because I moved). I have my account number, ...

sassa by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Conference Calling from Home Phone

I have a Telus Home Account which includes 3 way calling. I may have a need for a larger group to have a conference call. I've been trying to find out whether Telus offers Conference calling but can't find anything online. Please advise and if possib...

eddy3216 by Helpful Neighbour
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How to Check Plan Type

How do I check whether I have a month-to-month plan or a fixed xx years plan? My internet account webpage only says "TELUS Internet 25", "Up to 25 mbps download" "300 GB monthly data". Thanks.

Jowell77 by Just Moved In
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What are the basic services provided by the tech after you move into your new home? I recently had a tech setup my internet and he plugged in the modem, spent another 45 minutes aggressively trying to sell me on home security and then he left. I now ...

Joszdab by Just Moved In
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Coronova March bill

Got my March bill yesterday with home internet overage charges ($45) for going over last week.I called in and he said "they're still figuring it out"Is this true ? It'll be auto corrected.

Ali1 by Neighbour
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