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Set up service prior to moving

How can I get service set up at my home before arriving from the US as a permanent resident? I don’t yet have Canadian ID credentials to sign up.

Amazon gift card rewards are back!

Just an FYI for those who don't subscribe to the TELUS emails. I just redeemed for a $50 Amazon gift card. Smaller denominations are also available. There is a restriction of 1 gift card every 30 days so I have a reminder set to do redeem again in 30...

xray by Hero
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Registering for MY TELUS

How am I supposed to register for MY TELUS online, when entering my info I get timed out, over and over again. When calling the support line, dealing with the your droid - I only wanting to talk with a human, finally got connected to a line that just...

Mcdee by Neighbour
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Change name on account due to death

My father in law passed away. What's the best way to get the home account switched over to my mother in law's name. This is for home phone, internet, optik tv.

Sergioz by Neighbour
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New Location. New Service. New Customer?

I currently have a 2-year internet contract with Telus at one location. I have acquired a second property and would like to have Telus install the internet there. I am already a Telus customer, but I am hooking up a new Telus service in a new locatio...

goliath by Neighbour
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My residential rental building in the Westend of Vancouver, was scheduled to have PureFibre installed, prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Would anyone have any information as to when Telus will resume these installations...Keeping in mind of course, the...


I just received an email purporting to be from Telus ([email protected]) claiming my last payment was declined. Since I don’t use automatic payment and I paid my bill a couple of weeks ago I believe this is a scam. I thought you should be awar...

Cowgirl by Neighbour
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Tv box

Looking on rental for a second box

Diesel1 by Neighbour
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cancellation of account

I need to cancel our account. What to I do I cant fine a telephone number to call. We are in prince George, bc.

btdrake by Neighbour
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