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Credit on a closed account

Was on hold with Telus for 25 minutes, and threw in the towel. Cancelled my Telus home internet account. Received a statement saying the account was closed and that I had a $25 credit. I would like to just apply this to my mobility account. How can I...

Jilly by Just Moved In
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Email self serve AWOL

Umm so as of right now My Account only shows a list of Email addresses and their associated identities there is no option to manage?

Resolved! Wifi

Does Telus provide a "porn free" wifi service? Is there also an "adult free" service for TV, meaning no adult option? If not, I feel these services should be offered by the viewers choice, and not come directly with the service.

Gemma by Just Moved In
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Frustration with My Account

I'm a new Telus customer with PureFibre 150/150 and Optik TV. Here are some real frustrations as a new customer:- PureFibre customers seem to have different support resources that are not well publicised- every time I use Chat I am told that I need t...

JJR by Organizer
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Resolved! Billing

Why am I still getting billed. I never signed a term contract. I havnt used any of the home services since October. All telus property was sent back in November. Yet I am confused to be billed $50 a month. How do I make it stop

Thepokey by Just Moved In
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myTELUS Homepage Top Stories and Weather

For the last few days the Top Stories and Weather widgets on the myTELUS homepage do not load. They were working fine before. I am using the Microsoft Edge browser. I have cleared my browser history, restarted the application and re-booted my PC. I h...

Geoff99 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Trouble making payments using on-line?

For three or four days I've had no luck trying to make a payment on both my mobile and home services accounts. Today, after no luck once again, I thought i would call 1-888-811-2323 and ask if there is a web site issue, as no one has responded to my ...

Skiddy by Advocate
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Mail server asks for password, a lot

For the past 2 weeks most of my email accounts are continuously going offline and asking for my password. I punch it in (it works fine) and it asks again within an hour or less. Mac OS. Anyone know why is happening?

Artink by Just Moved In
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How do I set my internet/optik tv on vacation mode?

Nancy1 by Just Moved In
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